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2 GAs arrived! + Reminder + Show me FANART!

Alright, this post is made first to tell you that these two GAs have arrived to my home today!! The Kechain GA and Jeansama's GA!! :D

Wow, another way to go then! XD
Please wait people until I have sort them out all and find out the shipping for you, and I will also tell more information about the keychains and the mystery items :D

REMINDER! There are still some people who did not pay for their shipping for this GA yet:

If you haven't sent payments yet, PLEASE DO SO!!! It is your responsibility of what you have claimed, so if you want me to ship them out, you have to pay first!!
Here is the spreadsheet:


And to not make this post boring, show me some Pokemon fanart that you have gotten from somebody that you cherish the most and WHY you cherish it the most!!! I am VERY CURIOUS about yours!!! :D

And I guess I should also add mine to it as well:

I believe it's this one. It's actually two bookmarks, served as one. This was a commission I asked for from a great and nice friend kandasama on DeviantArt. I have asked her to do bookmarks for me and my closest and best friend in life of our favorite trainers and partly favorite Pokemon with them (Gold/Hibiki for me and Shigeru/Green/Blue/NOT MF Gary Oak for my friend), making the bookmarks being somehow "connected," as if being in a bond. I really LOVE how they came out! <3333
I think this might explain my Green and Gold icon that I love to use the most! :D
Now why did I think of this? For me, fanarts are probably the most cherished items I own (I have over a hundred from friends who are anime artists or from commissions, we are all fanartists) and it feels to me like the artists are always putting a lot of effort and love into what they do. Fanarts are personal items that were made for me, just for me and nobody else. Am I making sense? XD So that's how me and my best friend see this. This was also made partly for her Bday that's coming up in May :)

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