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A wild Myntii has appeared!

Hello community~ This is my first post here. I've actually been lurking about and buying things for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait until I actually got some things in the mail to make a post. Anywho, I just started collecting when I joined this community, so my collection right now is extremely small and tiny, excluding some of the Pokemerch I have back at home (I'm at college right now). Actually, my collection so far consists of all the things I received today, haha! All of were purchased from community members, so thank you all for your help! 

My favourite Pokemon are the Eeveelutions, Entei, Reshiram, Lugia and Uxie! In general, I really like Legendary Pokemon. Latios and Latias, Ho-Oh, Suicune, Celebi, Jirachi... For collecting, I collect the Lake Legendaries (Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit), Entei, Lugia and Reshiram. I'm thinking about starting a Plusle and Minun collection, but I'm not sure yet... I also have gijinkas of a lot of other Pokemon, but if I collected all of those, I'd be ridiculously poor. Actually, my goal is to draw a gijinka for each of the Pokemon (HAHA, GOODBYE LIFE.), but I'm not sure if that's going to happen, haha!
So today, I was expecting some packages, but I hadn't gotten an email notification from the school post office yet, so I was all sad and disappointed... Until I decided to check my mailbox anyways, and found a bubble wrapper stuffed inside! What on earth could it possibly be?

It's a Plusle! Sold to me by the wonderful godudette ! Thank you so much for the ridiculously fast shipping. ♥ So, along with that, I also got a paper notification from the other parcel pick-up place on campus for my college (we have 6 colleges in one big college. Ridiculous. I know.) and I got all excited... Until I realized they didn't open until 1. Boohoo. I actually had class then, so I had to sit through an agonizingly long lecture about the military industrial complex. As soon as it was over, I pretty much bolted to the parcel pick-up and grabbed my other two packages! 

This was in the first package:

Pikachu and Togepi roller stamps and two Pokemon magnets from shiny_vulpix~ These are uber cute and I can't decide whether or not to open them and use them... Decisions, decisions! I had originally gotten them to use, but then I realized when I got them that they're sealed in the back with tape, so if I open it, it'll rip the back and askfjasfh....

An Uxie Canvas and Mesprit UFO from the lovely tyltalis! And she wrote me that little note on the cutest paper ever! It's got Pikachus and Latios and Latias on the back! Too cute~~

And here's our happy family!

I actually also got an Azelf UFO from tufails but unfortunately, I'm kind of a derp and had it sent to my home address. My mom texted me and asked what it was... I hope she doesn't open it. orz orz orz But I felt like such an idiot! And I won't get to see poor Azelf until June. I'm also getting the Uxie UFO from nagaineko so my poor Azelf will be all lonely and sad on his lonesome... I'm also suuuper psyched because I bought an Entei Pokedoll from happyjolteon! I'M SO EXCITED. CAPS LOCK CANNOT FULLY EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT FOR THIS POKEDOLL. As for other things that are soon to come, I'm going to get a set of Lake Legendary Kids from a GA I participated in a while back, and I'm also bidding on a Minun Hasbro to go with my Plusle. Wish me luck! ;D

And I'm going to end this with some quick wants. Note that right now, I have extreeeemely limited funds, so if you'd be interested in holding it for a month or two for me if I say no, please don't be offended! D; I really wish I could buy it. Really!

-Used, secondhand, without-tags Entei that I can snuggle!
-Lugia Pokedoll (low priority)
-Suicune Pokedoll (low priority)
-Entei Kid
-Reshiram Kid

Anywho, that's it for now! ;D Toodles~
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