Kayli (charizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

sales, GA info, question, and wants

Multipost, go!

First off, I am pleased to announce the unveiling of my sales - Wish tags! Follow the Vulpix to go to my sales journal~

Secondly, my first GA. :c

Seeing how no one responded to my distress post in time, I was forced to forfeit this GA. I deeply apologize to everyone involved, as we could have won it had I been able to work something out with another member or something.
Not a good start for a first GA... but that's okay, because bluehyaku and I are co-hosting another GA to help ryunwoofie get rid of a few things! Check that out here - most items haven't even been bid on. :c

Thirdly, a question for TCG sellers!
How do you usually ship cards so that they're fairly well protected?
I don't have hard plastic sleeves to put them in, so my only idea is to sandwich the card between a couple pieces of thin cardboard in a plain envelope to save a little on shipping costs.
Answered, you are all freaking awesome!!

And lastly, a major want!
I'm looking for the giant PC Ho-oh plush. Doesn't have to have hang tags, but I'd prefer it to be in near mint condition at the very least.

Thanks for reading, everyone! <3
Tags: group auction, sales, wanted
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