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Lumpyspaceking Missing? Ga Runner, Ran. ZigZagoon

(sorry if this is agents the rules posting)
I'm looking for user lumpyspaceking . I've PM'ed them several times. They seem to be MIA. I purchased an item from them a while ago via PM (since they posted their sales too quickly and had to delete it due to rule braking) And haven't heard from them sense.

Is anyone else looking for them? Am I the only one their ignoring. Or did I miss a post about them leaving or whatever??
I'll gladly remove this after I get an answer. I just wanna make sure it's not me.
At this point I can't file a dispute because it has been too long..

EDIT for Lumpy: Left neg feedback if they ever decide to return. Will be harassing their Paypal e-mail.

Also user xclairxaudenx who ran THIS Plush Ga magically deleted their account after I asked them if they mailed my stuff. (Yesterday)
Now I'll never know either. :C

(I feel this is on topic since it has to do with possible losses of my PKMN Collection)
I'll gladly delete this tho if it's a violation.

For now, here's a TINY Zigzagoon figure.

Edit for xclairxaudenx: I opened a dispute on Paypal, if you were in the GA I advise you do so too if you can.
Her paypal address is starsmydog@hotmail.com for advance searching.
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