Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

Wanted! Treecko Pokedoll

I have been thinking about it for awhile, so I really would like the 10th Anniversary Treecko Pokedoll. I specifically wanted this since it's minky.
All I require is that the plush is in good condition, has its tush tag and kept out of reach of pet hairs.

I would prefer doing a trade/partial trade for if possible!
Pokedolls I have for offer: Snivy, Eevee, Raikou, Axew, Minccino (all mint with tags but hang tag detached, except Raikou who is MWT)

I'd like to buy a Dwebble kid too, if anybody has extras and willing to sell here.

Thanks <3
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