pokemochi (pokemochi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Free sleeves #2


I'm going to re-sleeve another one of my decks and again will have 4 sleeves to give away. Just like last time, I'm just asking for a self-addressed, stamped envelope from the first 4 replies. Please follow the cut for more information!

If you have already received a free sleeve in the past I'm going to ask that you wait a day before replying to give others a chance :)

The sleeve this time is Charizard sleeve (image below), fresh from the Pokemon Center in Osaka.

How this works:
1. Please reply on this thread that you want a sleeve
2. I will send you a PM with my address
3. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me (PLEASE read below if you don't know what this is - I received several empty envelopes last time)
4. Please leave me a ref once you receive the free sleeve :)

What you need: 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, 1 pen
Step 1: Envelope #1: TO (put YOUR address), FROM (put MY address), apply stamp
Step 2: Envelope #2: TO (put MY address), FROM (put YOUR address), apply stamp
Step 3: put envelope #1 INSIDE envelope #2 and mail away!
**Please be sure enough postage is applied to each envelope if you are outside of the USA**

*just a note that I wrote before but forgot to write this time:
Sorry, it isn't a full pack of 32 sleeves, it's just a single sleeve :)

Each pack comes with 32 and a full deck to play is 60 cards. That means if I open up two packs, I will have 4 sleeves left over. A lot of collectors like the sleeves but don't need a full pack of them because they don't play the game so I figure I'd give one out that I'm not using to someone who would appreciate it :)


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