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I'm surprised there hasn't been a post about this yet since they were released yesterday! >:C Here is just a quick list of what I've seen before I go to work. I'm sure all TRUs and Targets will have more or less, this is just what mine had! Be on the lookout for this sweet stuff if you like tcg!

  • Pack of three (it coulda been two, pretty sure three though!) booster packs with either a Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott promo card (I think they were different than the promos that came in the tins)
Yeah, that's all my Target had. It's possible they sold out of the single boosters that day, but who knows!

Toys R Us:
  • Booster Packs
  • Resh/Zeky tins (Does anyone know if the dragon cards that come in this are promo or the regular set cards?)
  • Pack of two boosters with a random promo card. It was either Pidove, Pansage, or Axew
  • Box of three boosters with an Axew promo card (that was the only one I saw at least), also came with a mini book binder thingy
  • Box with five boosters and the Victini figure and Zorak promo card
  • A large binder with Resh/Zeky
  • A small binder with the starters
Sorry I don't remember the prices of anything. The Victini set was 24.99 and the most expensive thing I saw if that helps. (I'll edit with Victini pictures when I get off work! It's so pretttttty)
Cheers and happy collecting!
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