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Payments needed for 2 GAs + leftover keychain sales

Alright, I went to hard work today and yesterday and bubblewrapped and weighted out everything for you :)
Though am I the only one who is getting disappointed at the US post offices?.....the prices are so much higher now :(

WARNING: I have shipped out everybody's packages, except byakuya, breethezebra  and deadfishie. I normally ship out things within the next day or after that, though this time you will have to wait a little bit more than 5 days probably (that is this weekend included), because I do not have enough money on my bank account and need to transfer money from my Paypal to my bank account. I don't like making people wait, but this time it has to be it, sorry people :(

Now to the payments. I need shipping payments from the Keychain GA:

Here is the spreadsheet:


And Payments #2 are from Jeansama's GA:

Here is the spreadsheet:


NOTICE! If you would like to purchase something from the leftovers of the Keychain GA, I CAN combine shipping for you :)

Please send all payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com

And now to the Keychain Leftover sales! I am asking for offers again! :)

The Master ball keychain on the top right is one that you can make a Rayquaza appear and put him back there..kinda cool XD
The Pokeball keychain is a keychain, where you look through the middle and you see a cute sleeping Meowth inside it :)
The Togepi, Hoothoot and Marill keychain have buttons on the bottom. When you push those, the middle of the pokeball lights up (though Marill doesn't :()

Other close up photos:

If you have any other questions, please let me know :)

Thank you for reading! <3
Tags: figures, group auction, kids, payments
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