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Pokedoll Figure Group Auction!~ (and a new Photo Meme!)

Hey all!~ <3

Noppin has invoiced me, so it's time for the first round of payments for the Pokedoll Figure GA! This payment includes the item cost, Noppin Fees and Internal shipping. There will be 2 more payment safter this one (shipping from Japan from the UK, and Shipping from me to you/Any Customs fees) - thank you to everyone who took part!

Please send payments to kate_fanel AT hotmail.com with your LJ name and 'Pokedoll Figure GA Payment 1' in the message! <3

miss_fuu_chan  (Mudkip, Jirachi and Treecko) - $39.66
darkangellilith  (Plusle and Minun) - $28.99
nagaineko  (Torchic) - $19.29
omgitslph  (Regice) - $7.16
mizuhokusanagi  (Regirock) - $7.16 
forest_snivy  (Registeel) - $7.16

Also, to make this post a bit more interesting, a quick meme!~ <3 

We all have our collections neatly lined up in our rooms on shelves, beds or in hammocks.. but...What does your collection get up to when you're out of the house? Take a photo or two to show your pokemon's favourite hobbies!

For our pokedolls... it's gaming! :D
The fire piggies love fighting games - Tepig usually wins, much to Emboar's annoyance! 

Tufty is more of a handheld gamer - she can't wait for a 3D game starring Pichus to come out! <3

Meanwhile, DX Phanpy is more of an old school gamer (and maintains that his Virtual Boy is better than the 3DS!)
... WHat does your collection get up to?...
Happy collecting everyone!~

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