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collection rearranging and sales!

I went through a ton of my random "I don't collect this Pokemon at all but the toy is pretty cool" collections and stuck a bunch of it in my sales post here! I took new pictures of nearly everything so you'll have an easier time seeing what is and isn't sold, and added new stock as well :D Check it out!

I'm still waiting on a few more payments from the B/W pan sticker GA - I've sent comments to people but just in case those didn't go through, you can see the totals spreadsheet here!

And finally, a smallish collection update/collection rearrangement C:

My Kyogres, Celebis, Jirachis, and Random Pokemons were evicted from their old shelf recently to make room for non-Pokemon collections. I was having an awful time trying to find a new place for them until I remembered the Art of Stacking.

Those old Beanie Baby plastic cases make great impromptu display shelves! XD Also here are my slightly-rearranged zukan collection and Gomamon trying to sneak in.

Kyogres and Biis and Jirachis! I really love having stuff that matches with those two - normal kids of both, clear kids of both, footprint figures and straps and Tomys of both, adorable bellyflopping kids of both too bad Arceus's dumb head got in the way of the bellyflop Jirachi.

This is where bell plush go. Obviously.

Here's a look at another little shelf, mostly made up of old things filled with nostalgia (or cuteness.) See that noseless Pikachu keychain? In fourth grade I had him clipped to my zipperpull on my jacket, and then THE UNTHINKABLE happened: his tail fell off at recess!! I was brokenhearted but dead-set on finding that teeny tiny plastic lightning bolt lost somewhere on a soccer field.. and i found it. Best feeling. B) Needless to say, he spent the rest of the day safely in my zipped-up coat pocket.

Another view! I really like those metal Venomoths ahaha.

Here's a shot of the top of my main shelves, where a bunch of plush (led by Broll Bearmantle and Canvaspix) live. I need to rearrange them so they aren't so hidden..

TA DAAAA something I've been hoping to get for a while! It's the Japanese Shiny Vulpix card, which is about fifty times more awesome than the English version because the holographic effect is just pretty. I need to rig up a spotlight or something to shine on my shinies. (The kid was repainted by the fantastic pheonixxfoxx, and tinyshinyplush was made by the lovely cwinget!)

And finally..

AAAAAAAAAAA can you believe how adorable Emolga is!? ;u; Just look at him! I love the new Tomy plush *u* He's perfect and sturdy and his arms can bend a little and ahhhh. Just look at that face. And those ears!! And his little wings..! basically he is the best.

Aaand that's it :D Thank you for looking!
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