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Sent/sales/looking for... (Multi purpose post)

Just wanted to let everyone know that I sent out all the items on Monday morning to everyone who bought/traded with me over the weekend! You should be getting those soon! Thanks everyone! ;D (There was only one that will be sent out later this week due to paypal being stupid.)

Please please please make sure you leave feedback in the above link so I know you have received the item and so I can leave you feed back as well!

And for anyone that has not checked out my sales feel free to go check it out! I have not added anything new yet because I am waiting for a looooot of stuff in the mail, so there will be a sales update and card trade update soon. ;D

Common Cards:

Rares/Uncommon/Promo Cards:

Also, I am still on a card hunt to finish my eeveelution card collection, again I don't have cash at the moment but I would of course be more than happy to do a trade! So here is what I am looking for (used pictures, hope thats easier :3) -

I am looking for english cards if possible (if they were not made in english I would like Japanese) PLEASE SHOW ME PICTURES! :D

Thanks again for taking a look!
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