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New Pokemon Center Kiosk stock!

Soooo first of all, HAY GUYS. I have been super busy lately because of moving and like... 100000 other things going on. xD But I come bearing news!

First of all, the Japan aid for the Tsunami relief kiosk runs I organized wound up accumulating a whopping $292.00 in total! I am adding in an additional $8, making our grand total to donate a whopping $300.00!

Nice job everyone, we raised $100.00 more than the original goal! :D I was waiting on a couple of money orders, and now that I have all the payments I will be donating the second amount


Nice job everyone, we were able to raise so much to help donate. ♥

Now then, on to the new stock~

Current Status: I am ALWAYS open. You can order with me any time as I can do multiple pickups a week. :)

Click here for my feedback thread!
I love exchanging feedback so let me know once your package arrives so we can trade comments~!
PhotobucketSpecial for repeat customers!Photobucket
For all sales starting in 2011, every 5th "small" sized pokedoll you order (so your 5th, 10th, 15th, and so on) will be commission free!
If you are buying multiple pokedolls and your 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. pokedoll lies within the order, you will get its commission subtracted from the total~
If you are just ordering the 1 pokedoll and it happens to be your 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. all you pay is shipping costs!
PhotobucketHere is a quick breakdown of the wishlist rules guidelines:
  • Comment on this post with the list of items (and your country if you are located outside of the US please!) you want. (Doubles are allowed!)
  • Since there are now multiple kiosks with the same pokedolls, I will now be asking for the full payment up front so the whole process can be faster!
  • First come, first served- the list is formed in the order of who comments when.
  • When I have your invoice ready, I will reply to your comment with your total and my payment info.
  • Due to the high number of messages I'm getting, for efficiency's sake I will be replying to the email address sent with the Paypal payment notice to let you know I received your payment and/or shipped.
  • If I missed something or made an error regarding either your order or your status (ex: you paid and I didn't mark you as such), please do not hesitate to tell me! Either send me a PM or comment. <3
  • Also, a note about tags: Unfortunately, as they do not wrap pokedolls in plastic anymore ;-; Some of the tags show slight signs of ware when they come out of the machine. When picking up the pokedolls on the display I try to make sure the tags are in mint condition, but please understand that the ones that come from the kiosk machines I cannot help. :( 

PhotobucketStatus key:
If your name is striked it means your item has been purchased.
If your name is striked and bolded it means you have paid.
If your name is striked, bolded, and underlined it means your item has been shipped!

Currently in stock Medium Pokemon Center Plush! Retail: $16.42
  • Servine:
  • Pignite:
  • Dewott:

Currently in stock Small Pokemon Center Plush! Retail: $10.95
  • Pansage: 
  • Pansear:
  • Panpour:
  • Petilil:
  • Patrat:


Currently in stocks Small Pokemon Center Plush! Retail: $10.95

  • Snivy: bladespark, hebitheivan (x2), Cherokeefawn, Cinnri, Punkspacewafers, shiny_vulpix, mfb, skittykittykat, usagimakeup,
  • Tepig: Raikourai, Gabrielvalient, Fluffyhoundour, Cherokeefawn, Dotmatrixgame, Shaggygriffon, Tiieme, skittykittykat, tealbulbasaur, usagimakeup,
  • Oshawott: Cinnri, skittykittykat,
  • Muuna: master (x2), sorcererhuntres, Strigidae, zixyn,
  • Minccino: rococomelodies, marigoldkisses, bladespark, shinji_wolf, kneesocks, darkangelilith, Lycaonvulpes, Sanatonya, smokey560, sorcererhuntres, zixyn, juumou, Ninjafalcomon
  • Zoura: DesertCoyote, skittykittykat,
  • Zoroark: Kamexx, Vaporotem, smokey560, Porcupine_Paws, celuthea,
  • Sandile: waspxbee, swtlilangel666, mariahpixie, rentorar, MKmoe, funkicarus, midnitesilven, Lycaonvulpes, zixyn, juumou
  • Musharna: thunderwolfcat, pomandarin, MidniteKitten17, Strigidae, zixyn,
  • Emolga: rococomelodies, marigoldkisses, squalls_scar, tagami_yami, Aburamechan, shinji_wolf, Sanatonya, MizuhoKusanagi, zixyn, checkyoufeet, leafyoddish98, tealbulbasaur,
  • Pidove: betonicifolia, Shayminlove, zixyn, little_ledyba,
  • Axew: Riolulz, zixyn, Ninjafalcomon,
Currently in stock Large Pokemon Center Plush! Retail: 21.89
  • Reshiram: hebitheivan
  • Zekrom: hebitheivan, WaspxBee, tealbulbasaur,

Currently in Stock TOMY Figures! Retail: $5.49
Just comment telling me what fig you want n-n

  • Snivy: Karoia, MKmoe, hebitheivan (x2), ego_black, Punkspacewafers, skittykittykat, usagimakeup,
  • Oshawott: willowistari, MKmoe, knuclear200x, Punkspacewafers, mizu_kanon, skittykittykat, Stephanie H., usagimakeup,
  • Tepig: Punkspacewafers, skittykittykat,
  • Axew: willowistari
  • Sandileottershark, rentorar, MKmoe, funkicarus, Aburamechan
  • Pidove: thunderwolfcat, little_ledyba
  • Reshiram: hebitheivan
  • Zoura: MysticEden, Stephanie H., 

PhotobucketPayments and Fees:
  • Paypal credit card/bank transfer/balance/echeck payments are preferred!
  • I am open to taking money orders, checks, and cash provided your order is paid for prior to me purchasing your items, unless we work out something else - please leave a comment stating you want to pay via one of these methods so we can work out details!
  • $3 commission fee per pokedoll/small plush/medium
  • $5 commission fee per large plush.
  • $1 commission fee per figure.

PhotobucketShipping costs:
  • Please contact me for a custom shipping quote with your zip code!
  • International: please ask for a custom quote with your Country~
  • For tracking, insurance, delivery confirmation, and signature confirmation: please specify if you would like any of these included in both your order comment and your payment! If none of these are purchased, I am afraid once the package is out of my hands I cannot be held liable for anything the post office does: although, I would like to be aware if anything happens to see if I can do something to help! Offers do differ for international packages (some services cannot apply) but do give me a shout if interested. :)
If anyone wants any of the other items besides figures/pokedolls just gimme a shout. So far no one has requested them so I haven't made lists yet. xD

That's everything for now!

Happy shopping!
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