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I ship from Michigan in the US (shipping starts at $1.75 for US and $2.50 for International)
I am open to haggling(make offers), and trades(don't feel bad if I refuse)
Payment is by paypal only,
Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

BUY 2 WAPS, GET 1 FREE(value of $0.75 or less)

$1.25  Latias, Manetric, Mudkip, Marstomp, Swampert, Mightyena

$1.25  Team Rocket (Navy, Purple) Kyogre x3, Groudon

$1.00  Regirock(Pink,Red), Regice, Wailmer(Blue, Red), Wailord

$0.75  Taillow(Yellow,Orange), Feebas, Sharpedo, Lanturn

$0.75  Treecko (yellow x3, Green, Purple)

$0.75  Ash(Green, Red, Orange), May, Brock(Orange,Yellow)

$0.75  Team Magma Male(Green, Blue, Navy) Team Magma Female(Blue,Yellow)

$0.50  Anorith(Orange,Green,Red) Armaldo

$0.50  Ludicolo(Red x2,Blue) Lombre, Lotad x2

$0.50  Gulpin(Pink,Orange,Orangeclear), Swalot

$0.50  Spheal(Lavender,Green x2) Sealeo(Orange, Pink x2), Gorebyss(Orange, Red)

$0.50  Clamperl, Volbeat, Wynaut, Torkoal, Exploud

$0.50  Pelipper(orange x2, Yellow) Snorunt, Phanpy, Roselia(Green, Red)

$0.50  Metagross(Pink,Orange,Green) Metang(Pink,Red)

$0.50  Aron(Pink, Blue) Aggron, Banette(Blue, Yellow)

$0.25(or free with purchase)  Crawdaunt x2, Cascoon, Dustox

$0.25 each, or whats left for $0.50  Makuhita(Purple x2, Blue x2, Red x2, Yellow, Orange)

Remember, I am open to haggling, if you don't like a price Talk to me about it :D

Tags: latias, mightyena, mudkip, sales

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