koujakai (koujakai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection weeding sales and offers.

Hello, community.
Life has fallen on hard times, so time for some more collection weeding.

Rules and bigger pictures beneath the cut.

Stuff for reading:
- Offers will be taken until I'm satisfied. However, I will post around what price I'm looking for in the appropriate threads.
- No haggling on non-offer items, please. Sorry.
- All other rules and my feedback can be found on my sales post.

MIP Arcanine banpresto figure, green Vulpix chibi stamper, Growlithe dex charm. Offer start prices below.

In-case figures offer start prices below
Flareon mini-model - $15
Blue eevee mini-model - $15
Eevee eraser - $10
Eevee figure (these are the figures that come in the pop-open pokeball keychains) - $7

All of these items can be combined with items from my sales post.

Packages owed are being shipped out tomorrow or Thursday - PM me if you have any questions regarding my past sales or anything else. C:

Thanks for reading. <3
Tags: arcanine, eevee, flareon, growlithe, sales, vaporeon, vulpix
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