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Auction & Offers reminder!

Hey everyone! My black & white plush auction [I recently found out that these called the Pokemon BW Plush Round Form set, see AAPF for a stock photo], and offers [HERE on my sales post] are ending about an hour from now. Click the image below to go to the auction!

My items up for offers include some Pokemon Center HG/SS metal charms [Snubble, Granbull, Nidorina, Nidoqueen, Cubone, Marowak, Seel, Spearow], Tomy plush [Lapras, Pikachu, Eevee], a *BIG* walky eevee plush, an Eevee kid figure and TFG, my 1/1 Pichu Brothers plush, sticker pages, and more! Many still don't have any offers yet, or are still pretty cheap!

EDIT - THE AUCTION AND OFFERS ARE NOW OVER. But I still have stuff for sale in my shop :3

And so this isn't a total waste of space...

Does anyone collect the small amada stickers/seals? If so, how do you store them? I've seen "coin holder" pages [like THESE] that have 2"x2" pockets, but the stickers [or at least the ones I have] are 2.1" ^^; So was wondering if these pages work, or is there another way to store them?
And does anyone know the name of the 4-pocket trading card pages for those small TCG binders? I have a carddass binder that has binder-like rings in it that let you refill it. I can't seem to find them, but I might be using the wrong keywords ^^;
Hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance ^^;
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