sillysquirtle3 (sillysquirtle3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mystery item and wanted

 Hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone had a snubbull reversible pokeball plush for sale? i think i saw one in a recent GA here but i don't know of it's whereabouts now or if it's even still available...

i also come with a random fact...a while back,like 2 summers ago i went to this small shop by me that sold imported pokemon goods and in the shop there was this glass display case with items that were not for sale but apparently just on display...i clearly remember seeing a very fishy-looking item that really sparked my interest. it looked like the same type of figure as the dragonite with the lighthouse posted in 0mastar's sales post. it was a mew next to a truck which looked suspiciously like the scene rumored to be in the original pokemon games red and blue where you could apparently 'surf' to the 'mew behind the truck' this could have been some type of bootleg but i remember it looking pretty real and vintage-it was the same style as the dragonite with the light house mentioned earlier.

anyone ever here about/see this figure!? if it exists that would spark alot of interest with members in the community i'm sure
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