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I have a question for those of you out there who may have ordered from CardHaus.

Back in the end of February, I made an order for three cards and received it within three days of it's ship date via FedEx. Now, I was surprised at the lower prices on cards and amazing shipping speed, so I decided to make a larger order and grabbed myself about 15 different cards.

As usual, they charged me and sent a tracking number when they sent out the pickup request. Now, I realize I may being a bit impatient, but it was shipped out on March 4th according to their tracking system with Fedex. After staring long and hard at the shipping status everyday, I've noticed that it's never passed the "requested pick up" stage...which means FedEx may not have the package. So..they scheduled a day for it to be picked up but it never was received? Okay...?

So, I've tried emailing the cardhaus staff at their customer support/sales account and they've yet to return my inquiries. It's been nearly a week and a half and I'm somewhat concerned about the $40 worth of cards I purchased.

I'm trying to see if anyone else has had similar problems with this supplier/company before? If so, did you ever get your items? Did you get a refund?

-Thanks in advance.
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