Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG portfolios

More wants. (movie wants are over there. I haven't given up on them!)

EDIT 3: Found <3 This. My TRU might just never have it.
Anyone thinks I could get this shipped at around 15$, or is this 20$ horror at ebay the best thing i'll get?


(insert cool HS Triumphant Dialga/palkia binder here)

Still looking --->
Also, does anyone have the 9-pocket portfoilio with Palkia/Dialga? I may also be interested in it.
 I am not certain if a 9-pocket of Ho-Oh/Lugia was ever made, but it would defenitely be something amazing. Some people say they might have seen it, so I wonder if it isn't some sort of mythic portfolio O.o;
<--does not exist.

If anyone has any other neat-looking portfolios they wish to dump to canada, I'm willing to look! Since new portfolios are usually 7-9$ max, I will see about spending higher (shipping not included of course!), unless it is indeed a rare item.

While we are on the subject.. Anyone else collecting foils wrappers? How do you display them?
(and if anyone has any nifty wrappers to throw away, just ask if I wanna buy em, I don't have many older ones.. for example. More specifically: Legends Awakened: Lucario. Majestic Dawn: Garchomp, Empoleon. HSUnleashed: Suicune. Supreme Victors:  Garchomp. Holon Phantoms: Kabutops, Zangoose. Secret Wonders: Weavile. Unseen Forces: Umbreon, Stormfront Torterra)
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