Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SQUEEK! I have been nervously trying to distract myself all day because of an auction that ended tonight, it was driving me mad!

The auction was a set of incredibly rare KFC Japan promo toys from around eight years ago - in mint condition. How rare is the set? I have never, in all of my EIGHT YEARS of collecting Pokemon, NEVER seen these toys, not even once! The Raichu from this set is so rare I didn't even know there was one. But, now I know - and I have added it to my collection! It is the only figure made in the "Pikachu is too fast ;-;" pose - in fact, I think it's the ONLY non-grinning/smiling Raichu figure!

The figures are original poses (especially Lickitung - so cute!). Each figure is 7 CM tall - almost double the height of most Pokemon Kids. Very big figures! They look like (and design is based on) those tiny stand figures, but they are in fact, huge. Each comes with a stand.

Thanks to the stupid expensive bid and even more expensive shipping to my house in Saitama they got pricey. Now, I offer the rest of the set to the community as an auction, so anyone can have a chance at these cuties!

Add a super rare figure to your collection :) Here they are! Bidding will end on Sunday night around 11:00, American Central Time. By then I'll have the final tallies and lists/totals up for all of those little COLORED FIGURES you all reserved, so I can combine shipping and mail items together :)

Bidding Starts At $6.00 per figure. Please bid in increments of at least .50 cents. Please place your bid as a comment to the previous bidder for the item you want (if there is one). Enjoy! (Raichu is NOT available)


Gengar: 6.00 (shootthetanks)
Rhydon: 6.00 (crimson_angel02)
Wartortle: 6.00 (gc_chicken)
Lickitung: 8.00 (juumou)
Meowth: 6.00 (meowthcollector)
Gloom: 6.00 (castform)
Vileplume: 6.50 (firebomb)
Charmeleon: 6.00 (scarsofsunlight)
Sandslash: 7.00 (kefanii)
Sandshrew: 6.00 (kefanii)

here is a really beautiful photo of wartortle and pikachu from jedi_amara :D

ALSO! I added a new little thing to Sunyshore's collections pages... a "COMING SOON" JPG for any items soon to be added to my Raichu collection, or upcoming Lions releases. I'll update them as often as I can (although right now they don't include items I'll be adding to the page this weekend :D). If you collect Raichu or a Lion, enjoy them!


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