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A big update, please read! + wants + GA payments + massive plush lot for sale

Okay, where do i begin! D: 
I apologize i have been a tad afk these past few weeks, I had a long awaited internet friend staying at my house and I was really busy and worn out from doing so much ;_; BUT im back and i'm getting everything sorted out TODAY! <3


Thats first thing on my list to do! Go through my inbox right now! D: If you're expecting a reply, or requesting a trade, or expecting a payment from me, I am just headding off to do that now! Apologies for my lateness on that guys <3

If you're concerned about anything still, do comment, i'll assist in any way i can!


Now shipping for everything... If you're expecting GA things, sale items, or customs, they're just all here.
I sent all the shipping money to my bank last week, so i can hopefully have this all shipped out within a coupleof weeks. My lack of car means i'd have to make small trips ;_;
Also kind of not happy that my post office change it from being $3.41 minimum postage fee, to $4.10 three weeks ago..... so, i'm going to just have to cover that for everyone :/ I hate Englands postage fees, so stupid and expencive!

So, sorry for any delays. If you're expecing to be moving location or need an address change just comment here, i can either change the address or make sure your item is sent in the first batch! <3

lol ksdjfklsjld ;_;


I've developed a huge liking to Maractus ;_; Since I collect Cacnea/Cacturne I do love her very much~
So i wondered if ive missed any new merch of her going around?! Really want to make her a big part of my collections~

And secondly, i am interested in any Bat/Cactus/Spider/Plant-eater TCG cards you may have :D Any cards of the Pokemon I collect. I'm after normals, reverse holos, holos, Japanese, any other language, anything! Even fakes xD
So if you have any i'd be VERY interested to see :D 


The SHINY KID GA and STAMP GA has requested shipping payment from them to me :)  Also I finally did get around to wrapping the WhiteWolfLarka GA, so spreadsheets for those can be found here;




Please include your LJ name and the GA you took part in, within the memo.
Send all payments to


Here, I am selling off my large amount of plush from my personal collection.
Simply because I would love the money to spend on more things for my collections ;_; <3

All plushies are in FANTASTIC condition. Most, if not all are as-new!
ALL have their tags on (Except Uxie and small Hasbro Pidgeotto)!  This lot will be shipped in a box.
I will NOT split the lot, anyone is welcome to GA it though :)
I am looking for about $220 for the lot maybe? (+$75 shipping outside the EU, or +$50 shipping inside the EU)

The Mantyke is a custom pillow I made, you can see the front and back here.


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