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Another sales post

Just a quick sales post, I would really love if I could shift all of these items!
Not much to say other than that really!

 ♦I ship from the UK and is willing to ship anywhere around the globe baby! (possibly even mars)
♦Prices DO NOT include shipping

Mew Pokedoll!
Amazing condition, like new!
2010, has tush tag only. $25 or best offer

Shinx jakks. All tags, $10

Murkrow jakks. All tags, excellent condition, $8

Mega old Hasbro Elekid
Loved condition, has his tush tag, $10 Or best offer!

Kabutops Zukan
Amazing condition, I still have his packet, only had him for 2 weeks but, I dont collect this line so no point in me keeping him.
Mint condition.
Please make an offer on this guy!


Mr.Mime zukan
Mint condition, have his bag still

Fearow and Spearow Zukan
Mint in bag, never opened
$10 (or best offer )

Heatran zukan
mint in bag

$4 each
SOLD: Meowth
Somewhat loved condition but still good!
Oddish and Mewoth are pokeball changers mankey is a BK toy

Old hasbro beanies
$5 each or all 3 for $11!

Get in touch guys!
Thank you so much

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