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ToysRUs - Collection Update - Sales - Auction

Hey guys! So, like everyone else, I made a run to my local Toys R Us to see what they had in stock. They had a lot more than I had dared hope for! I picked up some things for my Gen V collection, so check below to see what I got!

Bottom shelf is my Gen V collection! Ignore the top shelf as it is "under construction". xD

(no idea why my text is acting as a link. -_-;)  Anyway, here's the left side! My Mijumarus, and Munnas! Both Munnas are from TRU, as well as the Miju Jakks on the right.

Here's the right side! My Snivys, Tepigs, and Zoruas! All 3 Jakks figures are new, as well as the large Snivy and Tepig plushies. They open up and can be turned into pokeballs. Makes them a little deformed looking, but oh well! I accidentally cut out my Zorua Jakks plush, my Zorua and Zoroark Tomy figures, and my DX Tomy Reshiram figure.

There was a worker at Toys R Us that was talking to me and my boyfriend while we looked through all the new Pokemon merch, and he offered these to us! They are huge cardboard strips that are meant to be attached to the top of their shelving. It was super nice of him! He gave us two of each, and I took one of each and my boyfriend took a Legendary one. I'm auctioning off the extra white one down below!

Okay, and now onto some sales!

Terms and Conditions!

*All community rules apply.
*Sales permission granted by Lineaalba sometime last year.
*I ship from Ohio, US.
*I'm a slow shipper, but I have been working on it! =]
*All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.
*I love trades! I am particularly looking for the new Jakks Oshawott plush, both sizes! Big wants are also the Servine plush and Reshiram pokedoll. But feel free to show me other Gen V merch and Pikachu merch!

NWT Snivy Jakks plush - $8
Pidove, Sandile, Zoroark figures - $5 each

Jakks Electronic Reshiram figure NIB - $18
Please be aware that shipping will be a tad pricey. I can also exchange this for Zekrom if requested.

Toy Factory Piplup - $4
Cyndaquil Jakks (tush tag, hang not attached but available) - $8
Hasbro Plusle (tush tag only) - $5

4 card page Charmander binder - $6
Bonsly Jakks - $1
Empoleon Jakks - $2
Horsea and Magikarp Tomys - $2 each
Clefable/Bidoof - $2

Gen IV plastic cup - $4
Meowth walky talky (HEAVY) - $4

Pokemon Rollers (have marbles on the bottom/some kind of game)
Groudon/Kyogre/Treeko/Articuno - $1 each
Mewtwo/Raikou/Bulbasaur - $2 each
Espeon - $3
Not pictured: Charizard - $3

Eevee and Cyndaquil Pokemon Time straps! - $18 each
Excellent condition, only used for display! I only have one bookmark, it is patterned with Geodude. First person that buys a strap can have it if they want it.

And finally, a couple things up for auction!

*Auctions end at 5/12/2011 at 10PM EST.
*All community snipe rules apply.
*Making a bid is a commitment to buy. If you retract a bid, I will leave you negative feedback and will not allow you to participate in my future sales/auctions.

*Please respond in the appropriate thread.
*Bids do not include shipping costs.

Charizard Gameboy carrying case.  Was made to securely hold and carry a Gameboy Advance SP and games/accessories. Can easily hold a DS Lite/DSi/3DS, as shown with my DSlite above. In great condition! Feel free to ask for more pictures.

Bids start at $10

Toys R Us display piece! Measures 48 inches by 5 inches. This will be shipped in a tube.

Bids start at $10

Shameless commission plug here <3
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