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Collection update

I have a few more things in the mail (Tepig Tomy line and a Raichu League patch); but I'm going to be busy soon so I thought I'd post what I got; since I got two really awesome pieces in the mail.
Also I took pictures of most of this stuff; but the camera decided it didn't want to load; so I've borrowed some images.

The Raichu 2000 Pin badge. I've waited so long to find one of these. Last year I wasn't sure of its existence; until I found a packet of 2000 badges; which says "collect all 151 pins." Then Gin managed to get hold of this beauty; and I finally found one for sale on eBay. I was a happy bunny when it came in the post this week:

Rentorar and I hosted a group auction which included the Balloon/ANA Tomy Audely Pikachu plush. He finally arrived today; and is wonderful! Like the other Audely Pikachu plush I own; he squeaks. I also got the Yes/No Pikachu figure.
I got a few Black and White merch gets; including a leaflet from miss_fuu_chan (no pic sorry); and a Victini standee that I forgot to show last time:

Other Black/White gets included this (in my opinion- rubbish) magazine; a UK mag called Pokemon World. 

I didn't get it for the mag; I got it for the Black and White promo items.
The mag came in this (yes I'm keeping it):

This book; not only has concepts and interviews about Black and White; it also goes into the history of the Game Freak company; which was quite refreshing. The book talks briefly about merch; apparently the releases are controlled so we don't get inundated like we did in the early 2000's with merch. Also a nice pic of the Pokemon Time Chikorita. I feel this book is quite important; and worth the whole price of the mag itself:
A1 double-sidied poser of Unova, look closely at the second side; you may see your character:
Double sided A3 poster in the mag itself; I love the Battle Subway image! (Apologies for the rubbish shot; I took better pics but camera failed):
Sickers and postcard:
Content included the Top 10 Electric Pokemon. Why was Raichu No 9? I know he's not the most powerful; or the fastest; but how do you explain Pikachu at No 7? Magazine also shows Raikou at No 1 and Electivire at No 2; but then go on to say Raikou is No 2 and Electivire at No 1?!

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