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New! (+ WANTS lol)

Hi there!

I'm new well Kinda, I found this community via DeviantART today and I also found out I was already a member haha. I guess I found it a year ago or something and became a member.
I don't understand livejournal very well so bear with me if I don't have a decent profile or anything.
I am a member on DeviantART and have been for years, lately a bit inactive thought..
This is my regular DeviantART:
And this is my (sadly inactive) Pokemon-one: you can see my nooby journal of when I only just restarted collecting pokemon cards :D

Anyway, I'm happy to have refound this blog because I'm very seriously collecting again!
When I was 12 I was a huge fan, had tons of stuff which sadly have disappeared among the years (no idea where it all went)
Now I'm back to playing the nintendo games of which I own a fair amount and I've picked up collecting cards. I'm collecting all of the eevee and evolutions cards. I know not very original but I just like them alot. Jolteon is my favorite :)

Other Pokemon I like alot are Arcanine, Venusaur, Nidorino and Aerodactyl. I somewhat consider them my team haha

Reason I'm posting here is becasue I hoped I could find some additions to my eevee/evolutions cards collection :) I'm trying to make a google doc to make the list viewable for everyone but for now I'll post my main WANTS here:

legendary collection:
flareon holo 10/110
flareon reverse holo 10/110
jolteon holo 14/110
jolteon reverse holo 14/110

umbreon 41/147
umbreon reverse holo 41/147

jolteon H12/32
umbreon H30/32
vaporeon reverse holo 33/144

ex sandstorm:
flareon reverse holo 5/100
umbreon reverse holo 24/100
vaporeon reverse holo 25/100

ex unseen forces:
eevee reverse holo 55/115

majestic dawn:
eevee reverse holo 62/100

rising rivals:
eevee reverse holo 59/111

HS undaunted:
espeon reverse holo 2/90
umbreon reverse holo 10/90

vaporeon 41/90 reverse holo

espeon non-holo daybreak theme deck
leafeon prerelease promo STAFF

flareon non holo pop3 2/17
jolteon non holo pop3 3/17
vaporeon non holo pop3 6/17

espeon goldstar pop5 16/17

Espeon ex 2007
Jolteon ex 2007
Vaporeon ex 2007
Flareon ex 2006

eevee vending machine

McDonalds Umbreon Promo 025/P

VS Karen's Flareon 089/141
VS Sabrina's Espeon (2 different ones?)

Burger King Eevee Platinum
Burger King Glaceon Platinum


All cards I am looking for the English variety, unless they were only pubished in Japan. I'm not sure if I want all the cards in Japanse too...seems like alot so I'll think about that :)

Espeon Goldstar or Shing Espeon however you want to name it is like my biggest WANT, I cant find it anywere for an affordable price while I did get Umbreon around a year and a half ago.

If you can help me out, gladly!
I'd also appreciate it if you can give me additions of cards that my list still needs, I'm sure I'm missing a bunch and there must be more eevee collectors out there!!

Thanks alot!
Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon, vaporeon
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