larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

the most persuasive chou advert ever.

hi guys! i've finished consolidating my chou collection, thought that deserved a collection update on its own. now that the pictures have been taken, they would be going onto my collection site, Pine Cone Forest, in due time. =D.

Favourites include Raichu and Piplup, although Starly and Cherrubi deserve honourable mentions due to their sheer fat roundness.

I am a total sucker for the rotom family. They are quite gorgeous up close! Still hunting for the other rotom set, though...

The stars here are clearly Leafeon and Luxray. The Glaceon set is just absurdly elusive...

GAWWWWWW at Budew. How incredibly fleshy and pleasant is it? It's a rare Chou that actually fits directly into the base without a connector, as the protrusion is inbuilt.

Lopunny does her Vegas tricks best.

Stunky looks like its chomping on a bone.

Does Happiny not command generosity in that pose? Piplup and Meowth are my favourites here.

I simply adore the Johto starter sets - they're simply amazing. Love the Quilava and fat Croconaw jaw. I'm actually missing a Togepi from here, aaargh. =/

My favourites here are Togetic (the paragon of innocence in this pose) and Meganium (which is ironic given the previous photograph!).

GENGAR. One of my favourite Chous ever, hands down. What did he eat as a Haunter to get THAT tummy.

Yet another Piplup Chou.

I'm not that big a Dog fan but Raikou is quite magnificent here.

Ahhhh, one of my most sought after sales items - the Eeveelution Chous. Love the gracefulness of Espeon and Umbreon.

I never realised Bibarel's derpiness until now.

My favourite here is Togekiss, despite it not being its trademark level of round.

GIB GIB GIB. 'Nuff said. Although Hippopotas deserves honourable mentions for that 'snout'. And having Luxio is always a nice thing.

Floatzel is pretty fine. And Tangrowth is really more bang for my buck - it's quite the mass.

Shinx. Whiscash. Carnivine. Justifies the smaller Chou count in this set.

So how do the Chous look when standing together?


And all together now, bow farewell:

NOW NOW. for those who were bored stiff by the non-Black & White action, I actually have the B/W Chous, but thought they wouldn't fit into this collection post. For you B/W lovers, here's something interesting for you: B/W mini Poker cards.

and here's this week's sales post! some new kids, some Chous, charms, TFGs and tons of new flats and stickers ahoy. click the banner to proceed!

thanks for reading guys, have a good week ahead!
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