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Fineapple Princess

Sales!~ ...And some wants! ... And another group buy!

OK! So I foiund this lot while browsing eBay... AND I WANT IT. Why? BECAUSE THERE'S JUNIPER IN THAT PANSAGE SET. ;D Aha.
Each one is $6.90 each. I'm (obviously) claiming the Pansage set! There will be 2 payments. :D

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 4/24/11.


Pansage: MizuhoKusanagi
Oshawott: punkspacewafers 
Snivy: elisha1288 

Alrighty!~ So, next up I'm selling some stuff I don't need, and I want GONE. It will be a lot sale. I'm looking for $220 plus shipping for it all!

Alright, so first up are the plush. I have a Plusle pokedoll and a Starly Jakks plush. :D Plusle is super loved, and Starly has some cat hair on him from being stuck under my bed since I bought him.

Next up is a tote bag. It was made with Pokemon fabric by a neighborhood friend's Grandma. On the inside my name is embroidered, but it's reversible!

Now here's a Reshiram stylus, Zekrom stylus, and a photo card from the Black/White tour. Also included is a Black/White screen cleaner, but I forgot to grab it when I went out.

Next up are some Jakks things. I have a Cleffa figure, Pichu figure, and empty Keychain Pokeball.

Now I also have a Dialga/Palkia DS case. This came from the DS bundle a few years ago.

I'm also getting rid of one of Zorua/Celebi oversized movie cards! :D

This Oshawott tin. I don't want it. Take it away. Please.

This is some old thing from the late '90s that let you create stickers and stuff out of a little more than 1/2 of the original 151.

Ok, so next are a couple of DVDs. They all have scratches and all, and the Lucario movie has both DVDs in the case and is the only one with a case. They all play I *think*.

This is just a bunch of Topps cards. Most of the are bent, and not in good condition.

Now, for all of my cards, sorted by type. They range from base set to up to one of the Platinum series. Most are in Mint/near-mint condition, while some aren't.

Ok, I am also including a small custom item. This box! It was made for me by someone at my pokemon league when I actually played, and I did use it, so it's got a bit of wear, but otherwise it's perfect.<3 The insides is alll colored black. ;3

And, last but no least, are the KFC signs! I'm including them since I WANT SPACE AND THESE NEED TO GO.

Feel free to GA it if you like!~

Last up are some wants! :D

Things I'm looking for:


Specifically, THESE 2 THINGS.

And! for Professor Juniper related merch wants...

1. PROFESSOR JUNIPER SETTEI! I will love you forever if you have any. ;_;
2. Japanese Holo Promo card
3. American Holo card, Japanese non-holo card, Japanese regular holo card.

:D That's about it for now, thankies!~ :D
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