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Black & White TCG Sales + More!

'Sup pkmncollectors? I got my box of Black & White TCG cards the other day and it's time to offer 'em up to you! Super cheap prices, as always, along with some other stuff for you to check out! So come on in to...

Some items you'll find inside!

Sales Policies
- I ship from the US (New York) and I will happily ship anywhere!
- All prices are in USD and I accept Paypal ONLY
- No holds this time unless I've dealt with you before, sorry
- I am accepted trades ONLY for the following cards: Serperior (6/114), Krookodile (65/114), and Pikachu (115/114) or select Call of Legends shiny cards
- I  am notoriously horrible at leaving feedback, so if you really want some, keep bugging me!
- Please feel free to ask questions if you have any!

Shipping Stuff
- Shipping for cards start at $1.00 in the US and $1.50 Internationally
- Large orders (usually 10+ cards) require bubble mailers, which start at $2.00 in the US and $2.50 Internationally
- All cards are shipped in protective sleeves to prevent scratching- holos get top loaders!

Zekrom: $14 or direct trade for Pikachu (115/114)

Zekrom: $5 each
Emboar: $4 each
Zebstrika (RH): $0.75
Servine (RH), Pignite (RH): $0.55
Timburr (RH), Klink (RH): $0.20

Maractus B, Lilligant, Sawsbuck: $0.50
Servine A, Servine B, Simisage, Maractus A, Pignite A, Pignite B, Simisear: $0.25
Snivy A, Snivy B, Pansage, Petilil, Deerling, Tepig A, Tepig B, Pansear: $0.10

Swanna, Darmanitan,  Zebstrika B: $0.50
Darumaka B, Dewott A, Dewott B, Simipour,  Basculin, Alomomola, Zebstrika A: $0.25
Darumaka A, Oshawott A, Oshawott B, Panpour, Ducklett, Blitzle A, Blitzle B, Joltik A: $0.10

Scolipede, Sawk, Liepard: $0.50
Swoobat, Whirlipede, Duosion, Gurdurr, Krokorok: $0.25
Joltik B, Munna, Woobat, Venipede, Solosis, Timburr A, Timburr B, Sandile, Purrloin, Scraggy: $0.10

Scrafty, Cinccino, Bouffalant B: $0.50
Vullaby, Klang, Watchog, Herdier, Tranquill, Audino, Bouffalant A: $0.25
Zorua, Klink, Patrat A, Patrat B, Lillipup A, Lillipup B, Pidove, Minccino: $0.10

Professor Juniper: $0.25
Energy Retrieval, Energy Search, Energy Switch, Full Heal, PlusPower, Poke Ball, Pokedex, Pokemon  Communication, Potion, Revive, Super Scoop Up, Switch: $0.10
Grass Energy, Lightning Energy, Psychic Energy, Metal Energy: $0.05

SEALED Booster Packs: $2.50 each
Available: Supreme Victors x2, Undaunted, Heartgold/Soulsilver 
Black & White Preview Pack: $0.50 each or free with purchase (may raise shipping costs)

Brand New w/tags Munna Pokemon Center Plush: $15

Geodude TFG figure (very good condition): $4
Latios TFG figure (good condition, stand broken): $5

Thanks for looking!
Tags: cards, emboar, figures, geodude, latios, munna, oshawott, plush, sales, snivy, tepig, zekrom, zorua
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