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Super ginormous collection update!

Hello, comm! Hope everyone's had a great weekend. :3

It's finals week for my college classes this upcoming week... so what do I do? Try to reorganize my collection and take pictures of course! ... what, study? Oh well, that can come later. <3

I've been meaning to do a collection update for months now, and its finally here! :D Well, mostly. I wanted to do a really in-depth post with really great photos and such of everything, but I've gotten lazy and just took some (bad) photos of the shelves and such in general. xD Still, better than no update at all. ^^

Of course, I always have more stuff waiting to come in the mail, but I'm tired of waiting, so here we go. D:<

Check under the cut for LOTS of (bad, flash-filled) photos! Full of Team Rocket, Dialga, Char-line, Chansey, and of course a few Hounds among other things! ^_^


(Please click any photo to bring up a larger version, kthx <3)

Yes, this giant wall of plush live on my bed/headboard, and are in desperate need of rearranging, but I'm far too lazy to take on that daunting task right this moment. XD There are plushies of all kinds; pokedolls, UFOs, customs, etc. Of course, my pride and joy is that wonderful talkie Mijumaru/Oshawott in the middle of the headboard. :3 ...Can you tell I love pokemon plush? 'CAUSE I KINDA SORTA TOTALLY DO. .... yeah. <3

Now let's move on to my slightly more organized collections. :D

Team Rocket! I freaking love them. Anything Rocket will do, as you can see. xD I'm particularly fond of my ever growing Meowth collection (which will grow even more once a certain Noppin box arrives sometime.. *_* But I'll save that for a later post. x3). Although, the Koffings and Ekans are growing more and more on me, too... originally, I just grabbed a few of their items for Team Rocket's sake, but man.... That stupid little Koffing face really gets you. <3 Also featured is a custom bead sprite made by my dear thalnos8888 of the female trainer in HG/SS in TR garb. :3 Be jealous!

Slightly less organized chaos. XD Includes a little run-off from the Rocket collection, as well as my small Slow-line and Dialga collections. One of my favorite pieces is the giant Jakks dialga figure, he's simply gorgeous and poseable and amazing in general. x3 And I never meant to collect slowpoke... thalnos8888 has a small Slowking collection, so I guess I kinda fell in love with the line because of him. (I'm sure that goofy and adorable Slow face had nothing to do with it. :P) .... Random Ash kid figure, where the heck did you come from? ... Oh well. xD

An honorable mention: Honchkrow! Honestly, he's one of my favorite pokemon ever, but his merch is just nonexistent except for flats, so I don't have much at all. ;_; Although, I have seen some pretty bamf 'krow line collections on this comm before, so I'll just have to keep working at it! x3 (CAN YOU SPOT THE BOOTLEG? ITS NOT COMPLETELY OBVIOUS AT ALL. LOLOLOL.) Also featured: Some preorder bonus figures, epic Soul Calibur IV promo picture, and a bunch of my random dvds. xD Woo!

Here's the shelf on the other side of my room; yes, like a few others, I also got to take home a display shelf from Gamestop, along with one of the giant display boxes, too. <3 This picture's a little out of date, but its the best image I had on my computer of the shelf. <3 It looks nice from far away, but the individual collections really need to be remodeled....
(In the foreground, you can see my little display on top of my little TV. Includes badass hasbro Charizard, Kissyface the Magikarp who lives in his special heart-shaped bowl, pikachu bobblehead that reacts to sunlight, and some gen 5 starters. :D Not pictured- new Pignite clipping figure, which hangs out with the Tepigs in the middle there. Lol.)

My charizards deserve SO MUCH BETTER than this, but I don't have anywhere else to put them for the time being... so here they live, all cramped and alone and underappreciated. ;_; But I love them SO MUCH. They're definitely my main collection and deserve a much better arrangement. Anyway, here you can see some kids, tomys (+custom shiny painted tomy), plamo, TFG, v-trainer, hasbro figure, etc. Not pictured- my charizard candy dispenser and tiny grabber figure, which live in my charmander glass on the other side of my desk. xD

OH YEAH. I nearly forgot about THIS beauty. Blockazard! :3 He was available in a set on ebay some time ago, and I got him thanks to a GB I organized for it. ISN'T HE LOVELY. So tiny and poseable and spectacular. I never thought I'd actually get one 'cause they seemed kinda rare... so YAY. <3

Charmanders and Flareons! Again, horrible display, but I do what I can. I love my pokedolls and bell plush soooo much. <3 Also- I think I have every flareon kid figure here, except for the clear attack kid which is coming from a GA sometime. x3 YAY! Also included- some sneaky charmeleons and one not so sneaky charizard zipper pull. xD

(Ew, flash. My bad!) Probably the most random of my collections. I have no idea why chanseys have captured my heart so much, but they totally have. o_o Especially Nurse Chanseys. I'm always after ANYTHING Nurse Chansey. ALWAYS. (I think my love for chanseys explains my DISLIKE for Audinos... how dare they try to take over pokemon centers?! BETCH- THAT'S CHANSEY'S JOB. Hmph! .... although. I still really want that audino pokedoll. Please don't be offended, Chansey! T_T)


HOOOOOOOUNDS. <3 This pitiful little group is the bulk of my hound collection, save for A LOT of flats and buttons and such that are packed away elsewhere in search of a new shelf to call home. xD I like to keep these guys close by though so I can admire them. <3 Includes houndour kid, both 'doom kids, 'doom tomy, and delicious 'doom v-trainer. <3

Also... I accidentally started a darumaka collection. :X Oops! But really, its no accident at all. No one in this universe can resist that derp nugget. NO. ONE. Catch the fever! :D
(Not pictured- darumaka/darmanitan shopping bag from the pokecen. <3)

And finally- my most recent gets. TRU was really amazing this weekend, you guys. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but I had to reel myself in and just get a little. :( Teh boyfriend got me the deck because of my love for tepig (and fire types in general), and I got a bunch of boosters (fave card get- reverse holo Pignite, yay! :D But then my thalnos8888 went and pulled a normal holo Reshiram, a reverse holo Reshiram... and, oh yeah, the super rare and awesome Zekrom card where he takes up the whole card. o_o I'm making him buy all the boosters from now one, since he has such great luck! xD)
The stars of this haul, however, are the jakks Tepig figure and my jakks Sandile plush. I. LOVE. THIS. PLUSH. You can't even begin to comprehend how much I love it, guys. He's soft and adorable and huggable and just AWESOME. Love love love. Best $6.99 I ever spent. <3

....Holy crap, are you still reading? .... Wait, did you really make it through all of that? ... REALLY? o_o Well, YOU, my friend, are super amazing and earn +45073491934879 cool points. Congratulations! *gives cookie* :3

Annnd... I'm super tired now, but I really need to study a bit for a Geology final. xD So I guess its time to wrap up this post...
I'll leave you with this face:

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