charmystar (charmystar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A little wants post~

Hello, my favorite people in the world. <3

My collections have been growing exponentially, and beautifully, and I of course am aware that I have you all to thank! I look around at my shelves now am feel so proud, and so grateful that you guys provided everything I've hunted for, and I hope you all know that I love you for making this such a friendly, fun community full of support and encouragement. :3

For those who don't know me so well, I collect pretty hardcore. My main collections being 1. Zorua 2. Eeveelutions 3. Humans. and have about 4 bajilion side collections because I'm silly like that. :3

Today, I come to you guys with a few wants hoping you can help me expand on these collections!

First off....

I'd love a Gary Oak kid, and I've missed out on so many. xD I have the figure to the right. He's my all-time favorite character of life. D:

Jakk's Dawn: Another I've missed too many times, I have Brock and Ash to match but they need a lady!

Espeon Friend's Plush: Along with the Atsume! Happy Mascot, the last eeveelution plush I need for a complete collection. D: It's not super rare, and pops up every so often, but I kept putting it off. xD But I really want to expand on my Espeons, they are so underloved!

Umbreon Time Strap: I have Espeon and Eevee and I LIKE TO COMPLETE THINGS. :D

AND A JESSIE HASBRO TOMY FIGURE who's picture I can't find. :C

Those are just a few, but I'm always on the lookout for ANY trainers, Zoruas, eeveelutions (especially Espeon and Umbreon atm, and Espy/Umby Promo merch), vulpix, or growlies/Canines if you have any to show or offer, and eeveelution TCG in any and all languages is also something I love. Also, trading is fun in any situation, so if you wanna swap for something, let me know!

I'll leave you with a link to my WIP collection site: (There's a WANTED page there too...) ;D

Smell ya later! <33
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