captainangel (captainangel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Selling my collection of TOMYs

Sigh ;___;

I really adored the TOMYs, they're such nicely made figures, but i do have my nicely made Zukans i collect... and I really need some money to pay for my Gecko to have treatment on his ingrown claw problem. </3 So i flung my entire collection of TOMY's on Ebay;

Just incase anyone was interested, or if anyone wanted to GA it. Anyone hosting in the UK would get super duper cheap shipping for it all.

AANNDD just to liven this post up a bit!

This is a photo of my TCG card collections. I have all the English card sets ever made, all laid out with gaps for the cards im missing in that set! I dont know how best to show my cards D: I guess on a Youtube video when i got my collection looking nice...
Still am looking to fill the gaps of cards i am missing ;_; My wishlists can be found on my profile here

Speaking of YouTube, i re-made me a new account here. I will be doing Pokemon Card Un-openings and such soon, i have a booster box of Rocket Returns and Unseen Forces on its way to me :'D So feel free to keep an eye on that~

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