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Advanced Generation Zukan GA Final Payment

To the participators of the Advanced Generation Zukan GA: the Zukans have finally arrived!

Photos of what you payed for! I told you there would be no suprises. :)

All of them right out of the box in perfect condition!

Tropius is making himself comfortable with his brothers and sisters. :3

xxiiijamesiiixx: Here are the Slakoth line along with Sableye, Mawile, Nosepass, and Chimecho.

rtrolezi: Here are Gyarados and Deoxys.

prawnographer: For you here are Voltorb and Electrode along with Plusle and Minun. I apologize for the blurred image. ^^;

poly_rhythm: The Igglybuff line! Wigglytuff is a little shy. XD

itsmemaa: Here is the Duskull line!

blackfruitbat: Here is the Spheal line!

captainangel: A Regirock for you! He also seems to be shy! XD

Click for the spreadsheet. Please pay at pantherotter (at) hotmail (dot) com. Once you have payed, please edit the spreadsheet saying you did and comment here letting me know or in the PM that I have sent you.

Shipping from Noppin to my house is included. I will be shipping your Zukan(s) in bubble mailers unless you want to opt for a box. A box will cost $2.00 extra so now is the time to let me know! The sooner you pay, the sooner I am able to ship your items (the following day after payment)!

I was very lenient the last time, but I do expect full payment from every single one of you.

Other than that, I just want to say thank you for making this GA a successful one and once you pay expect to see your Zukan(s) very soon! :D
Tags: group auction, payments, zukan
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