Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

DX kids and scolipede custom :3

Hey guys! Been a while since i posted here i think, and just wanted to say, ive been starting to like DX kids very much, and would be very happy if you guys thet have any for sale, could link me to the page 8D

Would be very thankful for that!  

Another thing, im trying to collect all my feedback through the time to get closer to sales permission, no i just ned to fix my sometime not so good behaviour! I should know about now whats wrong and whats not!

And when/if(...) i get it, ill get out customslike THIS on auction!

Yes its right, a custom scolipede pokedoll style figure! :D  About twice the size of the ones i showed u in my last post!! ^^    This took 2 hours to make, and a lot of concentration, and luuuv! <3

Here are some additional pics 8D

In mah hand :3

From teh air(lol) :3    I dont think the what to call em, spiral colored big spikes, came out too well :S

But whatevah!

Form the other side :)  Hes a bit skinny on his stomach :3

Thats all i wanted to get said for now, have a nice day/evening/night everybody!! :D
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