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sales and...a snivy’s adventures in Disneyland!

First of all, hi community! Are you interested in...
☆ a Red Gyarados tomy?
☆ Reshiram and Zekrom kids?
☆ Zorua and Zoroark pokedolls?
I'm doing some collection weeding so these things and more are up for sale!

Follow Gible to the sales!

Yesterday I went to Disneyland and decided to take along ~*Prince Aster*~, my Snivy pokecenter plush (he’s the perfect size and shape for fitting snugly in my bag)! A prince has got to see the world as a part of his education, after all. :)

On the bus ride to Disneyland, Aster had a Costco chocolate muffin! Costco muffins are so…squat. Anyway, looks like it tasted okay to him!

It’s an hour and a half ride, so he demanded to play with my DS to pass the time. Can’t refuse a prince’s orders. (So I watched Matrix Reloaded with the rest of the bus instead.)

At the entrance to Disneyland Aster wanted to look at the toys in the World of Disney store, so that was our first stop.

I wanted to bring this dog home, but it looks like Aster disapproves of its scruffy appearance (so snooty already)!

Back on Main Street, Aster practiced his horse-riding skills. Someday he wants a really grand horse in order to impress his subjects!

Aster: “Oh! Can we get that one? He’s perfect!”
Me: “Uh, I think…that one is too big for you, dear. You’re not quite there yet.”
Aster: “Hmph.”

We headed to Adventureland first, where Aster could meet some of his relatives. He seemed a bit nervous… He’s actually quite shy, despite himself!

We said good-bye to the snakes, and browsed the shops in Adventureland…until Aster ran into some trouble with the folks at the bazaar. ^^;

I decided to take him on the Jungle Cruise to recover from the traumatizing experience. We admired the scenery while waiting for our boat to dock.

Aster learned about lots of animals during the ride, thanks to our knowledgeable river guide. We saw hippos, rhinos, lions, and piranas, but Aster’s favorite was the big snakes!

I took Aster to Fantasyland afterwards; it seemed more like his kind of place!

Aster wanted to look at crowns, so we poked into the shops around the castle, but they only sold things for princesses, which was too bad.

Instead, we explored Snow White’s place, and Aster learns about the sneaky ways of witches. It’s especially important to know all about witches if you are going to be a king one day. Gotta prepare against those evil witches!

Thinking about his future puts Aster in a contemplative mood, so he takes a break in a tower window. It’s a lot to worry about, being a prince after all.

We have lunch in a place called the Village Haus. I ordered burgers and apple cake, Aster’s favorites, and we discussed the absurdity of Pinnochio’s plot over lunch. =)

Tomorrowland was next, and we arrived just in time to sit in on some Jedi training classes! Aster was mesmerized watching the young Jedi-to-be training…he seemed a little envious, actually.

Aster was tired after all this excitement, so he took a nap while I played games in the Innovention Center. =D He woke up just in time to head to Downtown Disney, a mall just outside the park. Aster helped me pick out a brand-new wallet.

Aster phones his dad the king before we went any further, it’s important to give periodic updates, or else he’d worry and the wrath of the kingdom would be upon us.

Next, Aster had a good time trying on all sorts of things at the huge Build-a-Bear nearby. ^o^;

We returned to Disneyland afterwards, and headed to New Orleans. It was too dark to take pictures inside Port Royal, but Aster had a blast. There were pirates everywhere, since the fourth PoTC movie is coming out soon (we're both really big fans).

We end the day listening to streetside musicians while watching fireworks. We had to go back to the bus at 10pm, so we didn’t get home until midnight.

Aster had such a long day that he went to bed right away. Night Aster!

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for more of Aster’s adventures (I love taking him places with me, he’s practically my baby). ^^;
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