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my mudkips, let me show you them

I found my camera (finally!) and this is probably my last chance before exams, so you know what that means... Collection update tiem! :D

Accidental Pokedoll collection, Mudkips, and epic re-organisation ahead! SUPER image heavy, sorry. <3


This was my collection 6 months ago.

This is it now! :D Noticeably moar Mudkips, (and natural daylight XD) which cannot be a bad thing. But where are these Pokedolls?

OH WAIT here they are. XD In a heap. The guys at the bottom don't look happy (poor Magikarp and Treecko ;-;) and let's not even think about Mickey mouse who is the owner of the red pants you can see. Epic reorganisation needed!

In between getting them all out of the corner (that was my bedside cabinet you could see) and getting them onto the bed, they appear to have multiplied. o.o; I can no longer deny I have a Pokedoll problem collection! :D

Thaaaat's better. <3 You can see them all properly! I got all my DX dolls since my last update, and I LOVE them all. Weavs is huge and super awesome for cuddles, which is why she has a very crinkled head... Frond? I have no idea what you'd call that. XD Pika is loved even by my boyfriend (except for when he's in the bed, apparently he steals too much duvet), Twiggle was a complete impulse buy but SO CUTE and I was so pleased to get Palkia and Dialga so close together, they're really quite impressive. :3

Here is my mini starter collection (except Mudkips!). :3 They're all new gets except the normal Torchic and Treecko, who are there for size comparison with their mini's! I only get the ones I use on the games, except poor Treecko, who was completely accidental but he's growing on me. (: The new oversize starters are awesome too, I wasn't sure about getting them but I'm glad I did. Samurott mainly because I got Oshawott before the games and decided he was a grumpy little boy, but mine on the games ended up a girl and I didn't even notice until I'd played for over an hour. *facepalm* So now he has a mum with a moustache. Moustaches are cool.

And, uh, Eeveelutions. *shifty eyes* Just missing the one now, and kicking myself for not buying her when I had the chance! I've always had a soft spot for them, and I never thought I'd be able to afford a Vaporeon, but I'm so pleased I finally got them all. So cute. It is a balancing act to make them all stand though, what's with Espeon and Umbreon's weird legs? XD

These are my other recent(ish) gets, including 2 I've been after for a while: Mismagius and Magikarp! I love the gen 5 Pokedolls too, I can't wait for Victini and Scraggy Pokedolls. *fingers crossed* Buneary's got a friend coming in the post (Pachirisu, another I've been searching for!), Wooper was too cute to resist and I got the Shaymins and Celebi because I went to both their events and I'm odd like that. XD Thank Arceus I can't afford the shiny beasts or I'd totally have them too. Although I am kind of tempted by the zukans. :x

So now they all can go back into the corner in a more organised fashion. I realise this does not exactly look organised. There are a lot of them and it's not a massive space. XD So Pokedoll heap becomes Pokedoll mountain! Yay! :D Gotta love Olly the giant rainbow octopus at the bottom there actually holding the Eeveelu's upright. XD

A side effect of re-organisation meant the Pokedolls have taken over another corner of the room. :D I cleared out all the boxes I'd been hoarding (they could have been useful for something, right?) and as if by magic, another space appeared! :D Whomever said Reshiram was like cuddling a cloud is totally right, omg. So soft. <3 I've always had a soft spot for Mew and Mewtwo (mainly because when I was little I couldn't get them on the games. D:) and walky Mew is adorable. :3 Also, note Dialga and Palkia's AWESOME matching ribbons!

Then the shelf got re-organised too. :D Much more sensible, and somewhere to put my new zukans!

Mini Arceus collection, I love him so. <3 He was my very first Pokedoll and knows he is the special one! XD DX Arceus is grail #2. When DX Dialga arrived my boyfriend gave him a cuddle and decided that he wouldn't mind an Arceus that size, so shall be it! >D I fell in love with Raichu when I saw the canvas, and who couldn't love the happiest figure in the world?

Mini Shinx collection also. :3 I'm pretty happy with this one already, I've got the kid on the way and I don't really know what other figures there are. x3

Completely accidental beast collection! :3 My first proper zukans! I didn't realise how difficult they were to put together. ;-; They are very lovely figures though, the details are so intricate.

Swampy (I needed someone to be in charge) and the kids. That's my first clear kid and I love it! I'm on the search for the various other Mudkip kids (attack, the other clear and both shinies) so if you have any you'd be willing to part with, let me know. <3

10th Anniversary Mudkip Pokedoll (no hang tag, but I couldn't resist the minky goodness), mini Mudkip Pokedoll (made of a very different material to any other Pokedolls I have), roller, pencil topper, and moar kids!

Battle figure... thing, chess piece (super pretty, I'd totally recommend them!), Pokedoll figure, paperweight, teensy tiny button, squirter and megablock! And the fuzzy and waffle Banpresto plush in the back there, which I've only seen once before on the comm when I first joined and thought $15 was too much to spend on a plushie. HOW WRONG I WAS. XD Still, patience eventually is rewarding, and less than a year later I got these guys within a couple of weeks of each other. :D

Change-to-Pokeball plush (this took ridiculously long for me to find considering they were released in the UK!), Banpresto UFO plush, Jakks figure, Pokedex figure and another battle figure thingamajig. I have all the Mudkips. :D And believe it or not I only listed new stuff under the pictures. XD

And just so I can rave about it a bit more, OMG POKEDOLL FIGURE! <33333 I seriously never thought I'd get one of these, then it popped up BIN on eBay. I have never bought something so fast in my life. XD He arrived with the plastic wrapping on him inside the box, but the box got a bit bashed in postage so I figured it wouldn't hurt opening it so I could see him properly. But then back in the box. :3

And finally, Keph's board of happiness! I take all tags off, but I do keep them safe. <3 Thank you notes and doodles in parcels genuinely make my day guys, so keep sending them. <3 

Phew! If you managed to get through all that I will be seriously impressed. XD A winnar is you!

BONUS: Mudkips improve everyday life. PROOF!

Mudkips improve fridges, studying (that's the boyf's desk) and keyrings. For sure.

And a teensy tiny wants, since I need to stop spending all my money. XD

Mudkip DX PokeDoll

DX Mudkip Pokedoll. (Picture from Pokeplushproject) This guy is my top, super duper grail-y want. More than anything else in the world kind of want. More like a need. If anyone sees one for sale, please let me know!

Pokemon Center QR Code Mudkip

Pokemon Center Mudkip Plush. What a cutie. <3 This is one of the last plush I'm after (I don't like open mouthed Mudkips!) but I don't know much about him at all! Does anyone know how much he's worth? :3

Bandai Mudkip Beanie Plush

Terrycloth Beanie Mudkip Plush. This guy's the one that buttons together with a couple of other plushies, I keep missing him in GA's and auctions. :3

Aaaaaaand (last one I swear!) Mudkip Friends Plush. I missed one in a GA recently and I'd really like one. Although, if you have any other Mudkips for sale I don't have I will probably want them too, so do offer! XD
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