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Oh boy. (Collection update? Kind of)

So, after a terrible day at school, this was at my door. I screamed inside. I get so excited when I receive mail and packages and asdfsdfghhj.
So, let's see what's inside!

Also, pictures from my phone because I'm laaazy. Heehee.

A Munna Stamper from agkelikos ! And the drawing is adorable, thank you so much! <3

I don't know why exactly I bought it, since I don't collect Munnas, but's it's so adorable :33

Yay, now getting into collections! Slowpoke sticker, Torchic bobble-head, Tomy Groudon and.... Hm.... If anyone has better information in what these guys are, I would appreciate it! Even for the sticker/Tomy Groudon/Torchic bobble-head, I would love more information! :3
These guys came from helloskitty , so thank you! <3

I got these from shiningmew , so thank you! ♥ Cubone Kid (so, so adorable), and again two mysterious fellas. I think I saw this Combusken  on a zukan once? But he has that small hole on his head.

And the Torchic.

This is the tag. Help, I'm dumb for this kind of thing. ;_;"

Tyranitar and Tropius Kids, and the Pre-order Lugia from ravestars85 ! Tyranitar is the only one that I actually collect, but I wanted something from Tropius since I really really like them. And the Lugia, well. I pre-ordered the games on Brazil. And they didn't come with figures. So yeah, on a near future I want to get Ho-oh too! c:

<keyboard smashing>

He's so small and precious
I want to hold him forever and ashdbvgfvgsdfdhbhj <333

Thank you so much, kiiyame !

And she included these beautiful stickers for free! That was incredibly sweet, again, thank you so much! <3

And now, my collection overall:

The small Slowpoke I think is a Tomy one? I had him since I was 6 I guess @_@

(I think I forgot to say but the big Tomy Torchic arrived last Friday, he's the cutest thing ever <3 Thank you espeon_lover !)

Zekrom and Oshawott are a bit of a side collection, since I don't want EVERYTHING, but I really like them.
And I don't plan to grow my Gengar one. I have two things coming I guess, and that's it.

There's also a bunch of other stuff, but they are not my "collection", so.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this small collection update! :3

(Also, question for everybody that is reading this: how lng it took for you to get your sales permission? I know it changes a lot, as it says on the thread, but I kinda need money before the 11th, and I really wanted to sell some stuff that I have here T_T)

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