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Of buggies and cuties

Ah, I meant to share a collection update last month, but offline life continues to drain my energy and time. ~_~ Before I get any further LJ loading errors, have some sort of collection addition fun!

No one likes receiving a box only to open it up and realize that it was re-packaged by some post office.

I have absolutely no clue what on earth happened to it! D: It's so weird and I had to wash my hands immediately afterward because whatever was covering the package inside and outside was still oozy enough to spread by touch. Very nasty. And what was inside this package in question?

These two kid figures. The Umbreon seems to have miraculously survived, but Espeon's right ear tip is apparently permanently (??) discolored and there is a "teeth" cut at the tip as well.

Excluding the ear tip damage, both seemed to have survived, thanks to the bubblewrap shielding each one. I am very grateful for that!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program!

Got a pair of these lovelies! I cannot express how happy I am with these Scolipede kid figures! They're so awesome and perfect!

Happy pointy fronts and backs, haha.

Here was the overall figure lineup received today. You saw the Espeon, Umbreon, and Scolipede duo. Now the remaining two are the Emolga kid figure and Serperior chupa figure.

To answer any remaining questions, Emolga's feet are behind, like so.

Speaking of Emolga, I've wound up with a little collection for it after all! @_@ Originally unexpected, but I do like Emolga enough to feel happy about it, haha. The left plush is the Pokemon Center one, while the one to the right is the Tomy plush. The strap at the bottom is the Pokemon Center charm. :3

My Audino collection is expanding again! To the left is the Pokedoll, while to the right is the MPC plush. Both are soft and squishy~!

Also got the Pokemon Center Victini plush, which is cute and looks like it has a disco addiction. XD Summon disco lights and ball!

Some of the card sleeves, which are so detailed~!

Now the happy cycle continues on, and more card sleeves join the fun. Please let there be more N official stuff!

And to finish up this update, here's the Cubchoo Pokedoll on the left that I got for one of my best friends before it was shipped out. He spent the day hanging out with my Blitzle Pokedoll, which I love. <3

So many thanks go to denkimouse, heatrotomftw97, and eevee_evs_lover for these awesome new additions. Thank you so much!

Now for a seemingly random question! To my knowledge, I've never seen anyone ask directly, but I've always wondered. How are clear kid figures normally acquired? Are they only found in sets or random pulls in the usual boxed individual kid figures? Are shiny kid figures gotten in the same way?

Related to my question, if anyone has a clear Scolipede kid figure for sale (if any exist), please let me know! :D

Thank you all for reading! <3
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