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Such a huge post you can smell it a mile away

I have SOOO much to share with you guys, updates of pretty much all of my collections.  Be warned it's so image heavy my computer froze twice while typing it up.  Thank Goodness for draft saving!

First up a small photostory!  Boy were all my little guys happy to finally get out of moving boxes!

Lol..I couldn't help myself no matter how lame. ^.^

Alright now that that is out of the is my collection update!

First off my new makeshift display! Lol..the top collections have to share the spotlight with my Kyo Sohma collection..he's my non pokemon love!*cough I need more of him!*    


Thanks you growly  for helping me build my skunk collection  I love my stinkbutts to bits!


Closeups of my shelving!

Updates for the Skunk, it is almost a complete collection, from what I am aware of the only things missing are a skunktank Kid (I don't know if there are any clear/shiny versions of them) and the Jacks throw plush Stunky.

My flat items including cards,stickers,  coins and magnets! (and my not so flat flat items, these little guys are paper standies!)  On the right are the chou gets stamps and a stunky game piece!  (My raticate coin didn't want to be alone so he snuck in my stunky coin picture! ^^)

Jacks Stunky figure and this cool book thing.   And next to the book is this tiny little long stamp..its so cute!

Chibi Skunktank made by bladespark (butt X..BUTT X!!!) and bead sprites (forgive me I lost the names who made these..T.T) 


All that's new to my ratty collection are customs, but they are so nice I thought I'd share them! *I'm currently looking for the marble, 151 pin,  the old fashion postal stamp, there is also a pin shaped like a stamp and any TCG I do not have in any language(

Latchook by queenofnarnia  a bead sprite (done by the same member who did the above Skunky.

Glass magnests that mandyseley  made and two rupper stmaps I seem to have forgotten about..yay something official in my collection post XDDD

And now for my wonderful side collections/random gets.  I like to focus on the Rodents, but when something is so cute I can not refuse it.

Talking Pokabu!  Thanks so much to aleyina  I love him to bits!  He's even dashing in my signed stitch hat XD

My little bitty plush mostly from Gas they are soo cute!

My new dollies, an dOMG isn't Victini one of the CUTEST things you've ever seen?  I love the apple bunny so frigen much..he's starting to become a main collection.  I have the center doll, the 18"inch Tomy soon  on order (is the 18" the same as the 1/1 or are they different?)  What are the other Victini plush? I'm bad with keeping up with things..T.T

Yay I found this old back in the day plate (I used to have the whole set, but I have no idea where teh bowl went and the fork/spoon got tossed due to damage.  And the Zekrom a lucky find, I rarely get good cards and seeing that just made me happy such an origonal full art card!

And now for a small customs updat!  Looki what I made!

Made as a commission for katcheecricket  and I'm super proud of him.  I've never made a free standing two legged doll before (or any reptile like creature either) So he was a fun and amazing challenge.

He stands at 11.5 inches tall
eyes are safety eyes
Hand sewn details

Next is my part of a trade for captainangel  the girl Zubat from the Zubat wedding episode done in my minion format.  along side them are two other minions from recently commissions.  thansk again to everyone who has commissioned me!

I'll be opening commissions either later this month or early next month.  So please keep an eye out if you are interested and I am more than happy to answer questions about them!

And last but not least I've been tinkering with an idea and I wanted to see if there was any interest in it.  I'm currently looking for the best brand of paper to make these out of. 

Window decals!  they would be for indoor use only, unless you have the propper protectant.  But I can see windows and mirrors being decorated in my house in the near future.  The above evee was done for my sister and this one was a demo. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me through this long post!  I've greatly enjoyed this community
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