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Series lines/companies YOU love collecting the most!

Alright, time for another community question! This time, I was thinking about how much I absolutely adore specific collections lines of Pokemon merch^^ So, it's list making time and don't forget to add a little bit about why, so it's not JUST a list!

Tomy OLD series:
These things are classics! They were my first Pokemon figures from way back then, and I still love their old look and style. Art evolves, but it's awesome seeing how things were at first!

Tomy Monster Collection: Just like the old Tomys, but updated and look alot closer to their newer style. They also come in those awesome square packages^^

Tomy DX/Vinyl/Sofubi Figures: Ever since I picked up Reshiram and Zekrom from the Pokemon Tour I fell in LOVE with these things! Posable and slightly squishy! They have great detail and look awesome!

Tomy Pose: Although I don't see these too often, they sure look great!

Tomy Zukans: They are zukans... I don't even need to explain WHY! :p

Tomy Plush:
Some VERY well made plush! I love the make of everyone I come across!

Bandai Kids: These are super cute and just too awesome!

Bandai Clippings:
Some amazing details on these tiny figures!

Banpresto 5" Plush: UFOs are awesome in their own way and you can hang them up too if you want! I'm not a fan of large plush or tiny ones, so these are juuuust right^^

Pokemon Center Plush: Super cute, more realistic looking (as Pokemon get :p) and are suuuuuuuuper soft!

Pokedolls: Who doesn't love these cuties with chibi-like qualities??

Jakks Plush: This company has come a long way, and their newer stuff is super stuff and looks great!

Jakks Figures: Although these guys can sometimes be derpy, the majority have good detail and can pose!! The new DX line (although, not sure how many more they will do) are some fine figures! Similar to the Tomy DXs, but with their own charm^^

...I think that covers it^^ *whew* I think I listed almost everything out there :p There are too many awesome lines out there!!

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