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wants post

Hey guys! I've been rearranging my collections quite a bit lately and seem to be cutting down from larger collections and focussing on several small side-collections. X3 That said I've got quite a few exciting things coming to me soon, so will have a collection update once they arrive. :D

However, since I have a little spending money I thought I'd post up some of my wants, since I haven't in a long time. I'm not looking to buy *all* of these and will still have to work on a budget, but if anyone has anything for sale feel free to come forward!

Wants List

-Any Abra stuff, since I've somehow started collecting him. XD Abra only though, not the rest of the line! Note: I already have the TFG coming and possibly the Kid figure.

-Anything to do with the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, particularly the zukans!

-Also looking for any Mew or Dragonite Kids figures/other figures though I might already have a few of them.

-Heracross Pakipaki, which seems to be turning into a grail of mine as I keep missing it and finding that I want it more and more. :C

-Swablu/Altaria Zukan

-Altaria Pokedoll
(in any condition, tags not required)

-Flygon Plush

-Dragonite Zukan Piece (not the entire Zukan! Loose piece only)

-Flygon Zukan Piece (same as above)

-Lugia Plamo Figure (built and out of box or not is fine!)

-Reshiram Plamo Figure (either variant, overdrive preferred)

-Reshiram Overdrive Kid

I'll be updating my wants post with these to keep track of what I have and haven't got yet and what I might want next ^^ Also apologies for the boring post. Thank you!
Tags: abra, altaria, dragonite, flygon, heracross, lucario, mew, reshiram, wanted
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