spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon B&W CARRRRRDS! & Reminder!

HEY everybody! I've decided to start collecting the B&W TCG set, i have quite a few now and a super slick binder for them also! I'm looking for some specific cards from the set, i have a few doubles of commons, uncommons, rares...

So if anyone would like to trade/sell i'm game!

I'm also going to say that i HATE reverse holo cards and i pulled a Reverse Embour (With Pokepower) today... FML, If anyone wants to direct trade for the standard Embour I'd be super happy!

I also pulled 2 of the Same Samurott Holo..


This one here, mine aren't reverse Holo they're the normal ones! So i'd be willing to trade for any other holo besides Zoroark Krookodile & starter deck Serperior..

Also i'm seriously after the Reshiram, Zekrom & Pikachu special cards, pictures under the cut if you need to see pictures and the card list of what i need is under there!


Heres what i need
Servine 04/114
Serperior 06/114
Simisage 08/114
Liligant 10/114
Pignite 17/114
Embour 19/114
Embour 20/114
Simisear 22/114
Reshiram 26/114
Oshawott 27/114
Samurott 31/114
Simipour 34/114
Basculin 35/114
Swanna 37/114
Alomomola 38/114
Galvantula 46/114
Zekrom 47/114
Reuniclus 57/114
timbrr 58/114
Girdurr 60/114
Throh 61/114
Sawk 62/114
Krokorock 64/114
Liepard 67/114
Scrafty 69/114
Vullaby 72/114
Mandibuzz 73/114
Klink 74/114
Klinklang 76/114
Lillipup 80/114
Stoutland 83/114
Tranquill 85/114
Cinccino 89/114
Bouffalant 90/114
Bouffalant 91/114
Pokedex 98/114
Super Scoop Up 103/114
Reshiram 113/114
Zekrom 114/114
Pikachu 115/114

and if anyone has the Pre-release Darmanitan i'd like to know as the UK probably won't get this card!


And the Hebitheivan GA is ending tomorrow! we're so low on claims and haven't made alot so please one last time, please check it out!

So anyone up for a trade just ask, and im not looking to just trade my B&W cards, ask if i have anything/pokemon type and i'll get back to you!
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