Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

Pick ups: Johto style!

Alright~ I just got back from the doctors and walmart, and I thought you guys might want some of this before Black&White takes over! :D

Sales permission granted by denkimouse 4/24/11. (She also said it was fine for me to do a pick up!)

So, here's the stock at walmart~

Ho-Oh: 1x
Sneasel: 2x

Electabuzz: 1x
Sneasel: 2x

Pop N' Battle Porygon 2: 1x

Wooper: 1x

Quagsire: 1x

Throw Pokeball Piplup: 1x

Gastly/Wobbuffet/Cyndaquil 3-pack: 1x

Pikachu/Manaphy/Regigigas 3-pack: 1x

Girantina/Dialga/Palkia 3-pack: 1x

Togekiss: 3x
Buneary: 1x
Cherubi: 1x

Teddiursa: 1x
Phione: 1x
Celebi: 1x
Pachirisu: 1x
Togekiss: 3x

Prinplup talking plush: 1x
Grotle talking plush: 1x

Ok! So, that's all they've got. I will do the run either Friday or Saturday. :D

Prices are the following (NOT including paypal fees and shipping!):

Jakks single figures: $9 each
Jakks 3-packs: $16 each
Plush: $9 each
Talking Plush: $20 each.
Throw Pokeball plush: $13 each

Comment if you want anything! :D Thankies~

Edit: Also! Is anyone on here going to Jacksonville Anime Day Saturday?! :D
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