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Pokemon Kids Kimewaza BW Reservation Post!!

First off, if we have transacted, please leave feedback here. I will do the same when provided a link! :D
Hi, everyone! I have decided to pull 2 boxes of Kimewaza kids, and I will be putting them up for grabs here! :D

Each kid will go for the flat rate of $9, shipped anywhere in the world, so that is a flat price, shipping included. You will pay for your claim when I post at the end of May when I post. If you desert, I WILL leave negative feedback, as this is a monetary commitment! :D

Since I am pulling two boxes, please note that I will take up to four people for each kid. The odds are that one and two are guaranteed, and three and four are about a 20% chance, but it does happen with 3-4 of the kids, no guarantees on which one(s). Please claim what you want below!:

Reshiram (Fusion Flare): mizuhokusanagi , megami36 , jadekitty777 , nasija 
Tepig (Flame Charge): k1yuu  , likeatruck 
Pansage (Grass Knot): rypeltajarollmellow_candy , fishnow 
Darumaka (Rollout): fizzycat , darkangellilith  ,  deadfishie , master 
Drilbur (Dig): heatrotomftw97 , cosmicxlove 
Patrat (After You): megami36 , yellowmudkip , tissuepaperpet , silentstar1134 
Audino (Heal Pulse): rypeltajaroll   , jerybunny , orangegarchomp  , sheriphie 
Cofagrigus (Haze): chariflame  , rumminov , kiiyame  
Galvantula (Electroweb): fizzycat , darkangellilith  , nasija , mellow_candy 
Minccino (Tail Slap): kneesocks 
Deerling (Summer, Sand Attack): technicolorcage  , lunglock  
Panpour (Water Gun): heatrotomftw97 , rypeltajaroll  , fishnow 
Sawsbuck (Spring, Hone Leech): technicolorcage  , tyltalis 
Scraggy (Brick Break): li_kichi , enshogirl (PM), hamarill 
Litwick (Astonish):li_kichi , darkangellilith  , megami36 , nasija 

Please be ready to pay the $9 per kid when I post with totals! Thanks! <3

Also, I still have some kids and Jakks available from a previous post:

Frillish and Tranquill: $9 shipped anywhere in the world! Please comment if you want!

Snivy-$8.50 plus shipping! Comment on these guys below!

Thanks for looking! :D
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