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GA payments + missing some people + help with some wants/grails?

Hello there people! Here I am with some news concerning GAs and some important information, so PLEASE READ!

Thought I should start with some missing people.
I am not getting any messages or anything from these two people:
These two people didn't even pay for the items they have claimed from these past GAs. Does somebody have their E-mails? Or any other contact? Please let me know!!!

thefilthhigh I have gotten the payment from you, but no address is included in my Paypal. Please message me your address via PM or something else. If there will be lesser payment in the post office, I will give you a refund :)

I have also gotten a payment from an UNKNOWN user, no GA hints, or the username. The mail through which this person was sending is katatafish(@)sbcglobal.net. You, who are the owner of this mail, please LET ME KNOW! I haven't even gotten your address!!!

Remember this GA still?

So, the package for this GA was still not sent out and my problem is just that I will be going to my mothercountry Slovakia for about 3 months. So the only thing I can do is getting this package sent out to my Slovak address and send out the claims from there to you. NOW DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE SHIPPING PAYMENTS MUCH!!! Even though my country is a country of the European Union, the shipping payments can be just as high as when I send packages WITHIN the US. Shipping tends to get high ONLY if I send packages as boxes, but NOT in mails. Those are like....2 dollars international. I have asked my older sister who lives there to call the post office if that is true and she said yes. Please understand people that I am doing what I can.

Also, those people who wanted me to combine shipping, I can't do that, I am very sorry :(
I have to send you your claims from past GAs separate from those from this GA. Sorry to say about that....
pokepalace has already sent me the payment, so we are fine.
I am missing payments from usagimakeup and little_ledyba. Each of you have to pay me 4$ for the items that you have claimed. Send it please to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com, thank you! 

And now to this GA:


I took finally the time today to find out your payments for shipping. BEFORE YOU PAY ME, please include your username and Eevolutions GA, including which items you have claimed in the note. I would really appreciate it and it would help me being better organized. Here is the spreadsheet:


Please send all payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com, thank you! <333

Now onto my grails. These are the items that I am most after right now:

Charmander pokedoll of course. There is one person who is willing to sell him to me, but I know this person is very attached to it. So I thought I rather ask here first, if somebody has it and is willing to part with.

Tsutarja/Snivy plush that talks back to you when you talk to her. Damn, her voice is super adorable ;A;
I know there are on eBay, but I don't have so much money right now. So I thought I would ask if somebody is willing to do payments for every week or so?

Taken from PPP. This little 2" Mantyke toy by Banpresto.

TOMY Mascot plush. Also taken from PPP.

Or if you have any other Mantyke plush, except the Jakks, pokedoll, Toy Factory, Burger King plush, the bath toy and UFO plush, let me know please :)
Also, is there a Mantine kid probably? I am SURE I have seen one someday, but I don't remember :(

I am starting to love Wynaut like crazy. This is probably one of the cutest Pokemon plushies I have ever seen...
Or if you have ANY Wynaut merch, let me know :)

Thank you for taking a look! <3
Tags: figures, group auction, plush, wanted
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