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Looking for a Reshiram or Zorua

This is just a quick wants post.

I'd love to have both, but with conventions coming up I've only got enough for one plush! (Two if I'm Lucky)

I'm looking for the following Reshiram and Zorua plushies:

Super DX Reshiram
Banpresto UFO Reshiram
Reshiram Pokedoll
And last but not least the Pokemon Center Plush

As for Zorua:
Banpresto 28cm Zorua
Ichiban kuji Zorua
Zorua Pokedoll
- I don't care about which release it is, I would prefer American over Japanese.

If you have any of these, would you be so kind as to list your prices + shipping to 95062?
I'd be ever so grateful! :3

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