Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukans are here and Seeking :3

I'll be taking them to the post office tomorrow nwn so if you would like to add anything just ask
sir_develon Everythings fine except kingler has black scuffs on the back of him

kattotang everythings fine :3

usagimakeup Everything is fine except seel has a small mark on his neck and a little chip in his fin

elementparadise Everything is fine except on noctowl on his right wing theres a spot of darker paint and there are small chips on the back of his head and back,and Slowbro doesn't have his peg. Also I never factored in Fearows cost when I sent your total so you got him for free XD.

shortcakemiddy Everythings fine nwn

kef_meister Everythings fine nwn

rainyan Everythings fine nwn

rtrolezi Everythings fine nwn

itsallgonegrey Everythings fine nwn

tissuepaperpet Everythings fine :3

The extras are for everyone :)
6.00 for GAP and 12.00 for non :3

2.00 for GAPS and 4.00 for Non :3

I'm looking to trade this pikachu for either the surfing or the flying one ;__;,I'm really not looking to sell unless its an awesome offer.
He's still minty fresh in his box 83

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