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Lots of things!

Ok guys, I have some awesome news!

That victini set that was for .. the Nederlands NETHERLANDS only? I found it at my Walmart last night! The victini figure is so cute! It came with 5 packs of booster cards also, so an added bonus. :3
I haven't been around much, so if that is old news, sorry about that! D:

Also, I am in love with Sandile. Can you all show me the available merch out there? All I have is the banpresto plush (I think) and a cell strap. :D IT SI SO TINY AND CUTE! I may want another cell strap because I am worried Buff-ette might break. Yes, I named my cell charm.


Firstly, I would like to apologize to all that purchased kids from me quite a bit ago. All USA orders have finally been shipped.
LJ likes to not notify me of inbox messages, otherwise I would have let you all know sooner! I will be able to ship international orders either later tonight, or tomorrow.
In the craziness and mess of things over the last month, I MAY have forgotten to add a kid to one or two packages that bought from both kid sale posts. If that just so happens to be you, please contact me on aim or even email me at: 6reycat@gmail.com

PLEASE CONTACT ME ON AIM AT HOWLING TORMENT ! I'll be adding that to my posts in the future so I can keep in contact with everyone.

Kitbug is taking care of selling and shipping of kids (I just middled them to her kinda). If you wanna go take a look, it is just this way: KIDAPALOOZA

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