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Item Identification help, Update Preview and Small Wants

I haven't posted anything in a long while but while I have been slowing down with my collecting I have come across some interesting items that I need help figuring out or maybe getting more information about.  Also a small wants because I don't have the cash right now for any of my big wants. :3

First up is this new acquisition of mine from couchpotatonet 

I would like to know if anybody has any information on this rather bizarre and unique item. Its an Aerodactyl keychain of sorts, but not just any sort of keychain...its a squeaky keychain :D.  You squeeze it and it squeaks.  Now I have no idea if this this is official or a bootleg or even some sort of off brand sort of official thing or what. I'd really love to know if anybody has any information, I mean its a bit weird. It has the correct color and all those correct details like the two toes, three fingers, bump on his back, the eye shape and spade tail but then he also has white toes for some reason XD When I asked where they got it, apparently it was discovered via a yard sale.  No matter what it turns out to be I love it, Its such a unique piece for my Aero collection. (also on the bottom is says ZEN GAME  P-14)

Next up:

While browsing DA the other day I stumbled upon this image here of a rather small and adorable Pidgey figure. When I asked about it they said that its official (at least best to their knowledge) and that it came from a anime convention in Madrid. So I'm pry thinking its some sort of European exclusive figure of some sort.  Any information on it would be awesome...if someone would happen to know where I could get one that would be even more awesome X3

So this post isn't all about wants and is a small preview of things to come in my next collection update. It may be a while yet though, my collection is moving to a larger area within my living space and is sort of all over the place in shambles right now XD

Also ffffffff I so want to start up my Red collection but I have to wait for that.

Finally we have my small wants list. Right now I'm sort of saving up to go to a big con so I'm only looking to buy (or even trade) very certain items if one has them for sale.  Mostly either of the Snivy kids or the Snivy line zukan are the high wants right now.  (I also really want a Snivy Pokedoll or the MPC Snivy, but I pry can't purchase either unless the person is willing to wait after my con in June when I know I will have enough money) (Also might be interested in other unique Aero items if you have them :D)

Tags: aerodactyl, deerling, ho-oh, pidgey, snivy
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