Julie. (li_kichi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update and sales~ :>

hey guys~
ive gotten lots of stuff in the mail during april and i think its enough for another collection update~
ive also got some new things for sale :> (including a bunch of BW tour patches, cell charms and tcg cards)

o and if you bought anything from me or commissioned me they will all have been sent out by today :> please let me know when they arrive
btw i plan to do a batch of watercolor commissions this month if anyone is interested

preview of some new things i have for sale:


a box of BW tour goods. i only got it for the tepig stylus and cell charm XD;;
i have the rest for sale further down the page in the sales section :>

oshawott pokedoll stickers from puyro 

card sleeve from pokemochi 
(if anyone has a spare elesa or N card sleeve please let me know. i just want it for the pretty pictures lol)

bought the tins because i wanted the figures lol

garchomp line kids and drifblim (jakks?) figure from k1yuu
swellow kid from shiningmew   and oshawott and snivy tin figures

lots of bead sprites i got from trading with xxxandra :>

theme park and scraggy clearfiles~  from nanoplasm 

my first NIB kids~ thanks to heatrotomftw97 

and my favorite item~ fukuoka oshawott~
thank you entirelycliched ~


- granted sales permission on 04/24/11 by denkimouse  

- all community rules apply.

- i will not deal with anyone who has negative feedback in the pkmncollectors  negative feedback thread.

- i only accept PayPal. i am not accepting trades unless stated otherwise.

- include your LJ user name and list the items purchased when you are making payment via PayPal

- i am shipping from California, US. i ship to anywhere

- i try to ship whenever i get the chance but please allow 1-2 weeks for me to ship just in case

- i am not responsible for lost or damaged mail if the postal system fails.

- prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise

- shipping prices will also include cost for packaging and paypal fee.

- i can hold items for up to 24 Hours (i may allow longer holds depending on the situation)
i will send you a reminder once, and after that it will go back up for sale.

- make it clear if you are asking a question, for a quote, or committing to buying an item.

- bad feedback will be left and you will be banned from my sales if you cause any problems or back out. serious buyers only please.

- you may try to haggle when buying multiple items

- please reply when payment is sent~

special sale~
oshawott: sold
snivy: sold
tepig (x3): $7
patch set with all three: sold

BW tour goods (nip):
oshawott stylus: $3
snivy stylus : $3
cell charm (x1): $8

Pokemon center plush (mwt) :
snivy: $17
oshawott: sold
tepig: $17

Pokemon center plush (mwt) :
snivy: $17
zorua: $20

BW legendary starter kit (nip):
$8 OBO

Eeveelutions pins (i have multiples of each pin):
$1.50 each
set of 8 for $12

More pins (i have multiples of each pin) :
1.50 each

i have no idea how much these are worth so just throw me an offer
they are all new from the package

these BW preview cards are free with purchase

thanks for looking~ :>
Tags: collection, custom, sales
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