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So, I just got a huge box in full of some rare plushes that I'm not particularly interested in, so I am taking offers on them, since I'm not sure how much to price them at. This includes a variety of plush such as TOMY recall plushes and 1/1 plushes!

I'm also doing a bit of collection weeding, so I am putting my lock and key sets up for offers. Keep in mind that these are quite dear to me, so I may reject some offers if I feel like it's not enough (although most likely, I will accept all offers due to my financial rut). Included as part of my auction will be the SUPER RARE metallic/pearl colored versions of the various locks!

Here's a preview of what you can nab for yourself :3


- I ship from California, and I am willing to ship internationally. Please keep in mind that some of these items are very heavy and will cost a lot more to ship internationally, so please ask for a quote if you're not sure of what the shipping cost will be.

- Paypal only. If you send an e-cheque, the item will not be sent out until the e-cheque has cleared. If you are extremely desperate, and you don't have Paypal, I will accept concealed cash at your own risk, and your item will not be sent out until I have the cash in hand.

- I reserve the right to refuse certain members to bid on my items.

- No trades at the moment! I really need the cash. ;o;

- Once items leave my hands at the post office, if the package goes missing, I am not fully responsible for the costs if you did not bother to purchase insurance. If you do want insurance or tracking, please let me know and I can factor that into costs. If your purchase ends up being $80+, I highly recommend insurance.

- Standard shipping will be first class for small items and parcel post for larger items. However, priority is typically only a couple bucks higher than parcel post, and if that is the case, shipping will be automatically bumped up to priority.

- Minimum bid increments of $1. Please respond to the last user who bid otherwise your bid does not count.

- DO NOT DELETE BIDS. Otherwise I will not be happy. Also, if you end up winning an item, but then back out, I will leave you negative feedback and you will be banned from all my sales.

- Payment plans may be accepted but talk to me first. I will probably not be as lenient as I have been in the past with payment plans seeing as how people really take advantage and it's a pain in the ass for me to deal with them.

- NO SNIPING. Don't be lame! Offers placed within 5 minutes of the ending time will be extended another 5 minutes until 5 minutes have passed with no additional bids.

- Offers will be taken until Friday, May 13 at 11:59:59 PM PST (FRIDAY THE 13TH :O). If I get an extremely generous offer before the time ends, I have the right to accept that offer and end bids early.

These are all various TOMY plushes. Many of them are very rare TOMY recall plushes, which were recalled because needles were found inside them. Other plushes are extremely large sized-plush and some of them are even 1/1!

Tomy Recall Groudon - Starts @ $50

Tomy Recall Charizard - Starts @ $50
Tomy Recall Venusaur - Starts @ $50

Tomy Recall Plusle - Start @ $5
Tomy Recall Minun - Start @ $5

Tomy 1/1 Jirachi - Start @ $25
Tomy Recall Jirachi - Start @ $10
Tomy Large Mew (THIS IS LABELED IN THE THREADS AS 1/1 BUT IT IS NOT!) - Start @ $25

Tomy Jumbo Torchic - Start @ $5
Tomy Jumbo Mudkip - Start @ $5

Tomy Large Lucario x 2 - Start @ $10

This is an extremely rare set of figures that I've rarely seen pop up. Up for auction are also even more extremely, extremely rare metallic/pearl colored version locks. Each lock will come with its own key.

Charmander lock - Starts @ $3
Charmander metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Squirtle lock - Starts @ $3
Squirtle metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Clefairy lock - Starts @ $2
Clefairy metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Jigglypuff lock - Starts @ $2
Jigglypuff metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Poliwhirl lock - Starts @ $2
Poliwhirl metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Psyduck lock - Starts @ $2
Psyduck metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Koffing lock - Starts @ $2
Koffing metallic lock - Starts @ $5

Pikachu with apple lock - Starts @ $3
Pikachu with hands up - Starts @ $1
Pikachu smiling with mouth closed - Starts @ $1
Pikachu smiling with mouth opened - Starts @ $1

Wooper lock - Starts @ $2

Snubbull lock - Starts @ $2

Marill lock - Starts @ $3

Bellossom lock - Starts @ $2

Squirtle Squad lock - Starts @ $3

Please wait for all my auction threads to go up before bidding on anything. Thanks!


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