yk1ty (yk1ty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Collection's Beginning

I didn't really "collect" until I came across this community. But I came across it, and bam, like a kid in a candy store: WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT. So I GOT GOT GOT GOT GOT. I don't have any pokemon in particular to collect, I just want/get stuff that looks cool to me, though I do love the original 151 so. I would also LOVE to see missingno merch.

Dragonite: Got a long time ago from ebay.
Pikachu 1: Used to be a surfing pikachu, but surfboard was cut away and lost years ago.
Mewtwo: The beauty that I saw on this community that prompted me to join and collect! OH MEWTWO STOP CONTROLLING ME WITH YOUR PSYCHIC PO-*MMMF*
Oshawott: Reversible into a pokeball. Neat function. Will probably never use it.
Pikachu 2: It talks! "Pikachu" or "Pi-pikachu", really old.
Dittochu: All I have to say is.... :]
Mijumaru: HE TALKS! It took weeks for me to get this baby, and in the meanwhile, I had wondered, wow, is this really worth the $100++? Then it got here, and I had no batteries, so I ran out to get some, came back, and YEAH TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Well that's my collection, may it grow!
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